Daily Art Practice – Day 16

Hello and happy Monday! The page of my Daily Art Practice 2022 w/ the Artist Almanac is live again. Today I cut the full page into two smaller pages, so one page fits not only 2 days, but four. And it is nice to do smaller formats in between days.

Now anyone who follows Nat knows her townscapes. I just didn´ t have the heart to cut this one into pieces, so I just did something you learn at school: I continued the scenery and added the full piece into the middle. And it was FUN!

Here are some detail photos, too:

I really like how this one turned out – I obviously didn´ t invent anything on this page myself, it´ s just the piece continued in the best way I could. And I love the colours on this one so much too. Thanks for a gorgeous, inspring almanac page Nat!!!

And here is the Denglisch translation again: Such a dump / such a pop stand.

And we will see each other hopefully tomorrow again!
Take care, xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 15

Hello and happy Sunday! Today I am sharing my day 15 take on my personal daily art practice challenge. I make these pages using the Artist Almanc 2022 as my inspiration.

Today´ s page is a bit rub-on crazy, but oh well. I just could not stop :). And I´ ve got some old tissue tape that I´ ve misted with Glimmer Mists in there too. And another Denglisch stamp sentiment, of course. Then some Liquitex Titanium White ink, Dina Wakley Gloss Spray and my stencils (gelli printed) and Tim´ s Distress Paints.

So all kinds of goodness and fun stuff! Today´ s sentiment translated means something like: “Keep your chin up”!

This is all for today. See you again tomorrow!!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 10

Happy Tuesday! This is my take for day 10 for the Daily Art Practice with the Artist Almanac 2022.

I used some tissue paper from Tina Walker on the background with Gansai Tambi Watercolours. On top I added the fussy cut pieces of today´ s almanac page. Some became coulds, some “rocks”. I used a piece of washi tape which made me go crazy. It was stuck and I just could not get it rolling…

Instead of using the Klartext stamps this time, I chose some Tim Holtz stickers and ephemera. I think they work well with the colour combo of the page.

Thanks for stopping by to see my contribution of the day. See you again tomorrow!!
Take care, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 9

Hello and happy Monday! Work has begun again, so I am very excited to see how this daily art practice will work out in the long run, but I am trying my best to squeeze in a few minutes every day.

Here is day 9 with the Artist Almanac 2022:

For this page I´ ve used up all the tiny bits and pieces that were left from previous days PLUS the almanac page of day 9. Also some gelli printed paper in on this page, as well as leftover pieces of eco-dyeing-paper I did years back with Tina Walker, when she visited me :). Here is the video.

Today´ s piece is a hot mess of paper scraps and I also tried stenciling with Dimensional Pearls, but that didn´ t work out as planned :). Oh well, I still managed to struggle a page together. Here are some details:

I also continued using the Denglisch stamps here again. I think they fit these pages so well. That´ s why. This is it for today, see you again tomorrow!!

Take care, Sanna


Daily Art Practice w/ 2022 Artist Almanac – Day 3

Hello everyone and happy Monday! For me it means a workday again after a few days off. Today´ s piece is therefore a very simple one. BUT I committed on doing a short art practice every day and I am doing my best to do so :). Here is today´ s take:

If you are wondering about the brown piece on the top, it´ s the pocket from yesterday. I am trying to fit as many as possible bits into this journal and as it had only a limited amount of pages, I need to get creative. See the video for details :).

I did the background with Distress Paint (brushed corduroy) and Distress Ink (Seedless Preserves). Trying to keep to the colours of today´ s almanac page. The stamp is again by Klartext (another “Denglisch” stamp there). The sentence translates to something like: life is not always easy / life is not a picnic. For the rest of the almanac page, I just fussy cut it into triangles and arranged them in a row to point towards the area underneath the pocket (like, see here!).

Here you can see how the pocket from yesterday is on top of today´ s focal point. Just to make it all a bit more interactive. The leaves I had already done some time ago and they were on my desk, so I used them for color contrast. I also decided to stop putting up a timer, because it is too stressfull trying to keep track if it is working etc. I might just take a regular kitchen timer for the next videos.

Thanks for stopping by again today! See you tomorrow!!
xxx, Sanna