Daily Art Practice – April 2nd

Hello and happy Saturday! Today I am again sharing another daily art practice page from my Artisti Almanac inspired art journal. This time a crazy collage type of page:

I am so much enjoying this again, I truly needed the break from creating in this journal. I find that my pages are much more free and crazy, I am not giving much thought to creating “beautiful” pages. I just go with the flow! And that feels good. From this process I am hoping to find some new techniques in the end and maybe new ideas and development.

I was gifted some magazines from a work colleague and after reading them I though it is a shame to just toss them. So I am adding lots of magazine bits to the pages recently (I bet you have noticed that). Here again on the background lovely Distress Paints, Distress Crayons and the almanac page from 2nd of April cut into small pieces and scattered around the page. The stamping is again Klartext. You might think, oh that is ugly! Yes, might be, but SO MUCH FUN!

See you next week with more pages to share!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – April 1st

Hello and happy Thursday! Today I am sharing another daily art practice piece from my art journal, created with the Artist Almanac 2022 page as a starting/inpiration point.

For this page, I used crayons on the background, then added some asemic writing with a pencil, on top of that some yellow, turquoise, pink and green crayons, then fussy cut leaves from the 1st of April almanac page and finally added some Klartext stamp stamping on top.

A very chaotic background and then some really pretty and cheerful leaves on top of the chaos. The stamped sentiment which translates to: “maybe everything is going to get much easier”, just fits perfectly here.

That´ s all for today. Do come back on Saturday when I will share another page from the journal. Until then,

Take care,
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – March 31st (w/ video)

Hello and happy Tuesday! Today I am sharing another page from my daily art practice journal, created with the Artistic Almanac 2022 as my starting point. This is what I made:

For this one I used leftover paper bits and then added variouos shades of Distress Crayons on top. I then added some details to the face (like hair) of the almanac page and for finishing touches added some Klartext stamp stamped sentiments.

These posts are now so much easier to fit into a busy day, when I don´ t make a video to each and every one. BUT today I´ ll share a flip-thru of the March pages as a compensation. No start-to-finish-videos daily anymore, but rather a flip-thru end of month. Much less stress and much less time consuming. I then have more time to do what I really want to do – play in the journal :).

See you again very soon with April pages!! Until then, take care and enjoy some sunshine and outside time!!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – March 30th

Hello everyone, here is another page from my Daily Art Practice journal, created with the Artist Almanac 2022 as a starting point. For today´ s page I tried to continue the cityscape from the almanac page. I didn´ t want to tear or cut the original apart, so I just added something to it.

Very easy and simple steps with Distress Paints, crayons, Posca pens and Klartext stamps here. Also some Stabilo all black in there too.

I just love the colours of this almanac page! So I tried to mimic them on the part I did. And the stamp sentiment from Klartext just fits here. It translates to: “there are days when you just wish you were by the sea”. And as it happens, I am by the sea as we speak. Good times! Something to take the mind of the troubling things of my life. So much needed atm!

I hope your day is a fabulous one! See you soon again!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – March 29th

Hello and happy Thursday! Today I am sharing another page from my daily art journal after a LONG break. I haven´ t been posting these for a long time, because recording and edition a video EVERY SINGLE DAY was just too much!

I then took a break from the complete journal (daily) creating, because it was so overwhelming to do. Only now I have again felt good to go back to the journal and create in it. But this time without the hustle of recording a daily video! It´ s just too much. I have a life to run, too, you know :). So I have changed my plans. I will share pages in my pace here and then maybe do a flip-thru of the pages every end of month.

So this is what I did with March 29 Artist Almanac page. I created the background with Distress Paints, Stabilo all an crayons. Then I fussy cut words from am magazine to go with everything. It felt good to do a tiny page again – and without pressure.

So thanks for stopping by and taking a look. There will be more shares now that I have found a way to make and share these that works for my busy daily life. I won´ t be able to catch up, but I will gradually share all makes. Bit by bit.

See you around,
xxx, Sanna