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Blog Under Construction …

Hello lovelies! On first of March the provider, who is hosting my blog, was hacked (by Mr. Green). With it, the work of the past decade or so was damaged, or better: gone! This, therefore, is a new start. I am slowly trying to reconstruct the blog with all it´s content. Well, maybe not everything, because how do you recreate a content that was built during the past 12 years?

I am heartbroken about the situation and am doing my best to provide you with new and older content as soon as possible. You can still find me on YouTube and Instagramm and my other social media sites, as usual. These thankfully were not affected.

It is a sad situation which I have not wanted to accept for the past two or so weeks. I had hoped to be able to recover a backup and quickly rebuild the content, but sadly everything was destroyed in this “attack” towards the provider.

I will soon be back with some more positive news and posts – please bear with me until then!

Take care,
xxx, Sanna