Love, wish, dream AJ page

Hello lovelies and happy Sunday! Today I´m stopping by to share another colourful art journal page with you. This time I started with spray inks on the background.

After spraying the ink, I applied distress paint thru one of my stencil design stencil onto the page, then applied some old rub-ons. These must be 10 years old at least and they still worked!

After all this I added some black stamp images onto the background (Tim Holtz stamp designs from back in the day). There are also some colored tissue triangles, some hand journaling and a gelli plate blue paper that I cut into a tag form and added the stamping and faux stitching.

I needed some colour and bold patterns to cheer me up and this is what I ended up with.

Hoping your day has been nice so far?! Take care,
xxx, Sanna


Raw – Art journal page

Hello everyone and happy Thursday! Today I´m again stopping by to share another art journal page with you guys. This one is a different kind of one. Are you ready?

So this is a face that was left over from a magazine transfer playtime with my gel plate. The face was covered with paint and looked so good that I didn´t want to throw it away. So I saved it and adhered it into my journal.

Then, inspired by something Dina Wakley did on one of her FB lives, I „painted“ the face anew. She had used scribble sticks on her live (if I remember correctly), but due to the color on the page, I chose to use Posca Pens. So I basically repainted the face using various tones of Posca markers and it was just sooo much fun. Besides, it´s a great way to learn how to color, where to add shadows and light. I am not saying this one is perfect, because it´s not. But I learned alot by doing this. And it was so much fun. And I think she looks really cool this way.

For finishing touches I just doodled the word „raw“ onto a gel plate paper piece and fussy cut that. Voilá!

That´s all for today. Hope you are all doing well?!
xxx, Sanna


Temporarily closed – AJ page

Hello lovelies and happy Tuesday! I´m excited to share another art journal page with you today. This one turned out so to my liking!!

I originally had something going on on the page already, but didn´t like it at all. That happens. So, I took a piece of tissue paper that I had done with a gel plate, adhered that on top and started anew. After the gel plate tissue, I grabbed some bookpaper bits. Adhered those and then applied first gold acrylic paint here and there. Then I grabbed my beloved Distress Crayons and applied the gorgeous colours (also the white! crayon – love it here!!). Next I placed my Dots ´n Beans stencil and placed it on some areas to wipe of a bit of the crayon.

You can hardly see that, but look for the the blue and pink areas, you might recognize the stencil pattern there. I already had a quote in mind I wanted to use, but hadn´t figured out how I wanted to use it. Then it hit me – writing on a book page and fussy cutting each and every letter extra, then adhering in rows. I LOVE how that turned out! So going to do this more often :), definitely!

That´s it, lovelies. It´s a simple page, but I love how it turned out. Happy times!
xxx, Sanna


Love Yourself First AJ page

Hello and happy Tuesday! today I´m sharing another art journal page from my recent journal with you. Lots of things have been happening in my life recently that have trown me out of the regular course of life and my go-to outlet on such times is my journal.

This is one of the results of those journaling sessions:

I love this page! So much!!! It´s something that started off a a gelli plate magazine transfer (underneath all those layers) and then turned into totally something else. I was experimenting with green paint, my gelli plate and a magazine.

In the beginning I kinda liked the result, but then I didn´t know what to do with it. It didn´t speak to me at all. So I started adding stenciling, paints, stamping and all kinds of stuff and then it suddenly turned out into this :). I added a spray inked magazine heart onto the page and then wanted it to have this dripping/bleeding look.

I added layers and layers of Liquitex Ink! in silver, gold and white and then created the „faux stitching“ with Posca pens and added the phrase into the middle of the heart – again using Posca pens. And I love the result!!!

This journey of preparing for another knee surgery has been rough on me. To know what´s ahead is taking it´s toll on me and I am trying so hard to find the positive things in all this, to grow stronger than my fears, to find my peace with the situation. And my art journal is a huge help at the moment!

When do you journal? I´d love to hear from you when you go to your journal – is it when you are feeling good or is it, when something is bothering you? I mainly do the latter, but also when I have a life-changing realisation of positive kind, I tend to document it in my journal in one way or another. But my sorrows usually end up in journals in some way.

That´s it for today, be sure to come over tomorrow when I will be sharing my first The Wild Hare Kits February project here on my blog (with a video). See you then!

Happy journaling!
xxx, Sanna