Daily Art Practice 2022 – May 16th

Hello and happy Saturday! Here is another page from my DAP-Journal.

I used residue paper bits for the background. Some are from Dani Peuss, some are from previous almanac pages. Some have Dina Wakley Gloss Spray on them and some got a thin layer of gesso on top. That way everything “kinda” works together.

I then painted the flowers with Neocolor 2´ s and a water tank brush. And of course again finished the page off with a Klartext stamp sentiment.

I hope you got inspired by today´ s share and play in your own journal abit!
Have fun!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – April 15th

Hello and happy Sunday! Today I am sharing another page from my Daily Art Practice Journal which I create using the Artistic Almanac 2022 as my starting point. Here is April 15h:

I used a Dina Wakley Media Gloss Spray painted piece of paper with the Almanac page and then drew white daisies onto page with a white Stabilo All pen and a yellow Neocolor II crayon. In addition to that I also added a stamped Klartext sentiment onto the page. I really like the strong colours here!

I hope your weekend is going well and you get lot´ s of time spent with whatever makes you happy and fills you with energy and positive things! Enjoy your weekend, lovelies!!!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – March 26th

Hello and happy Wednesday! Today I am sharing another page from my Daily Art Practice Journal where the starting point is always the day´ s almanac page. Here is March 26th take:

For this one I simply fussy cut the almanac page into scallops and then added strips of Dina Wakley washi tape with the almanac page pieces overlappingly onto the journal page. Then added gesso on top here and there and finished off with Klartext stamps.

I really like how this page turned out very bold and colorful. I really didn´ t quite know what to do with the almanac page in the beginning, but when I cut it into smaller pieces, the small color portions really worked out so well with the washi tapes.

Wishing you all a nice Wednesday! See you soon with another Almanac page piece and a Dani Peuss minialbum ;-).

Take care,
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 78

Hello and happy Friday and happy 1st of April! Here is my take for Day 78 of my Daily Art Practice 2022 with the Artist Almanac 2022. Since I took a Covid-related pause, I am late and will not be able to catch up (I think!), I even thought of taking another route to finish this year off. But I haven´ t decided on that yet. We will see.

So this one again has an old photo on it. In addition to the photo there is an old book paper, some journaling tag bits and paper pieces as well as a Klartext stamps (of course!) and some Dina Wakley Gloss Spray, Distress Oxides and Neocolor 2´ s.

I really enjoy this colour combination at the moment and find pleasure creating with it. It´ s still a simple collage type of piece. I am starting slowly and with simple stuff after the infection.

I hope you enjoyed today´ s piece as much as I enjoyed making it. It´ s so good to be back. Spring is also here! The quarantine time I was at home we had the best of weather here in Austria (of course!). Can´ t wait for better weather, more outside time and less infections (hopefully). However, I wonder if this will ever end… And the worst thing? So what if you had it once – you can still get it again (add an ironic yay to the end).

Hope you are all okay, lovelies!
See you tomorrow,
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 74

Hello and happy Saturday! I am late posting these, because it´ s been a few rougher days in the family. So this is Wednesday, but only had time and energy to share this today.

For this I used leftover paper strips, book pages, some gesso and my STAMPlorations stencil with Distress Oxide. The paper doll is by Tim Holtz, the stamps again by Klartext and the pink splatters were done with Dina Wakley Gloss Spray.

And here are a few detail photos:

So our kids are down with Corona, I am probably the next to get it. We have all had 3 jabs, so hoping all goes by well and mildly, but still, might not be able to share so much the next days. Just going to share, at least, the ones I have finished earlier this week. My FIL is also not doing so well atm, due to other health issues, so everything has been kinda chaotic and a bit tough the past days.

Hope life is better at your end!
Take care,