Art AJ page

Hello and happy Sunday!!! Now this is just random play, but I love the colours. A little something to bring me joy while I´m still missing my mojo. I just added stuff until I felt like there was nothing more to add – also obviously because the page was already so full (LOL).

I first painted the background in two colours – apricot and blue and then went from there. I added some writing with Posca pens onto the background. Just random things I felt like writing down.

Next I took the Carabelle circle stencil out and added some DWM gloss sprays thru it onto the background. Next I added random splots of spray onto the upper part and let them from droppings to the page. While that was drying I sprayed some residue chipboard with the gloss sprays and also pressed some gloss spray to the „tag“ and then stamped the words onto the tag.

For finishing touches I added the sprayed chipboard and some fussy cut circles from another AJ page shared here previously. Then I did some details with Posca pens and added some Thickers for additional detail. That´s it!

Making this crazy mess felt much better already. So I´m hoping my mojo will soon return from whereever it went :).

Have a great Sunday and a good start into the new week!
xxx, Sanna


XOXO AJ page

Hello and happy Saturday! This page started off with Dina Wakley gloss sprays and a stencil. I was just randomly spraying various colours onto the page and using a circle stencil by Carabelle Studio. Then the page got really crazy colorful and I had to do something.

So I drew a face and using black paint, painted the areas other than the face black. I really like doing this. That brings the page together and creates fun color pops to the black contrast.

And then I used some bits and bobs, strongly inspired by Deb Weiers work which I really, really admire. She makes awesome art! When feeling totally lost with my mojo, I tried bringing it back to life by trying out things others do so very well.

Creating this page made me smile again and felt better, than in a long time. But still no spark.. I´m hoping my mojo returns. I so want it to return. Maybe I´ve just run empty of art journaling mojo for now? Maybe I should try out another format, make ATC´s or cards or such? Maybe that is the problem. Next week I might try out doing something totally different for a change.

Hope your weekend is lovely!
xxx, Sanna


Rainbow of happiness AJ page

Hello and happy Monday! Today I´m stopping by to share another face experiment from my art journal. This one is a little bit crazy, because of the smiley face and the strange darkish purple face.

See, I started the page with my brand new Dina Wakley gloss sprays and I just sprayed them directly into the page without gessoing it or anything. I just had gotten hold of them and was practically just spraying around to see what happens and how they react. I did lots of gorgeous colours like magenta, turquoise, yellow and purple from her spray line. Then I was like: „now what?“

Then I thought that as I had already gone crazy with rainbow colours, why stop there! So I simply drew a face on top. And not just any face – a smiley face! I am really bad at teeth..but who cares. Practise makes better, right?

So the teeth might not be perfect, but I really like her eyes (the iris!). They look so real. I am not going to lie, that was just a lucky accident that they turned out so nice. The rest is more or less crazy. LOL!

BUT, since I did all the colours of the rainbow, I added a fun rainbow quote to the page to finish it off. Et voilá! And because she looks all happy and is smiling, I just needed to add a flower into her hair!

Wishing you a fabulous week and lots of sunshine!
xxx, Sanna


Shadow AJ page

Hello and happy Friday!! Today I´ll share another art journal page from my Dylusions journal with you. This time my starting point was a black background:

I wanted to play on a black page for a change, so I painted one of the journal pages black. Then I drew the face with a white Posca pen. At first it looked a bit strange, almost like a negative image, but when I started adding colour, she looked more and more interesting and fun.

One of the struggles was to get the eyes „right“. When I left them black and only drew with white, they looked empty. Then I colored the irises with light blue. Still looked strange! Then I realised I could color the white parts with a white Distress Crayon and then they started to look better.

Because of the dark background I could go crazy with colour. I really like how the paint tones look against the dark. When I was done with the face and hair, I added random pattern around the „white space“ and wrote a quote with white.

She looks crazy colorful and creating her made me happy. And that is what matters most! I am just creating, not trying to overthink and plan too much. Just play, play, play and fill my journal with fun times and projects. In the end I will see how far I´ve gotten and how much I´ve developed. Still quite a few pages to go :).

Have a great, creative Friday and a wonderful weekend, lovelies!
xxx, Sanna


You will never grow AJ page

Hello and happy Saturday & happy Midsummer! To everyone in Finnland, enjoy the gorgeous weather and the long bright nights!! Hope you have a great one!!! Here in Austria, I/we are trying to cope with the grey and rainy weather and honestly, I´d rather be in Finland today, than here 😉 (weatherwise that is!!). So trying to bring some light to this grey & dull day, here is peak into my art journal:

I did some flower painting to experiment. I started with the big flowers first. Just went with it, and didn´t plan anything really thru. The flowers, well, they did not turn out as expected, but I really like the tiny flowers, which I created towards the end.

So the quote also fits! I need to practise flowers if I want to master them. for a first try, they at least somewhat look like flowers. Nothing close to a realistic one, but you see that I tried painting flowers.. LOL!

I again used Dina´s paints and scribble sticks for this page. Love the paints!!! And also added a quote that I really like. Tried going with my own natural handwriting as it is and not getting intimidated by the look of it. I wish I had a pretty handwriting, but as I don´t I either accept what I got or practice, practice, practice. Time will tell which I will end sticking to..

Hope your weekend is lovely!!!
Take care,