Daily Art Practice – Day 11

Hello and happy Wednesday! Today´ s daily art practice post is here. I just loved today´ s almanac page. The brown tones with the black!! Just perfect to be cut into pieces and used with beautiful blue tones. And a dash of pink. That´ s all. I had so much fun with today´ s make.

Again the “Denglisch” stamps in there. Some Distress Paints, Posca pens, Stabilo all in black and white and Posca´ s. Fun, fun, fun!

and here are some details:

Hope you enjoyed watching today´ s make. See you tomorrow!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 5

Hello and happy Thursday! Here is my daily art practice post again for DAY 5 with the Artist Almanac 2022.

I did a big mess with Distress Paints, so most of the beginning of my video comes from that. The actual creating process would have resulted on a much shorter video. But these things happen, so I am not going to dwell on it.

On this piece I wanted to leave most of the almanac page as it is and just more some parts around / cut only small pieces out of it. I adde some sticker alphas and again a Klartext “Denglisch” stamp sentiment onto the page. A little feather and a shell button decorate the tag also.

This was a fun one to do, although the paint accident. See you again tomorrow with more mixed media fun! Can´ t wait to play more!!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 4

Hello lovelies! Today´ s art practice is live! This time it´ s a tag. I will be doing these smaller pieces from time to time to add them to my journal. I am creating more interactive pages, because I have to fit in a full year and it only has a limited amount of pages :).

Here is the video:

The stamped sentiment under the date is again from a Klartext stamp set called “Denglisch” (see supply list). And here are some more photos:

I just wripped the beautiful 4th of January almanac page into smaller pieces to add it to my tag as a background. I found it quite hard to put it into pieces, because I liked it so much as it is. :). Who else identifies with this?

See you again tomorrow! Oh, and I will of course be posting other stuff here too, not just these daily practices. So some days you will find more than one post going live. Going to be a busy, busy year for me ;-). Wish me luck!

Happy crafting,
xxxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice w/ 2022 Artist Almanac – Day 3

Hello everyone and happy Monday! For me it means a workday again after a few days off. Today´ s piece is therefore a very simple one. BUT I committed on doing a short art practice every day and I am doing my best to do so :). Here is today´ s take:

If you are wondering about the brown piece on the top, it´ s the pocket from yesterday. I am trying to fit as many as possible bits into this journal and as it had only a limited amount of pages, I need to get creative. See the video for details :).

I did the background with Distress Paint (brushed corduroy) and Distress Ink (Seedless Preserves). Trying to keep to the colours of today´ s almanac page. The stamp is again by Klartext (another “Denglisch” stamp there). The sentence translates to something like: life is not always easy / life is not a picnic. For the rest of the almanac page, I just fussy cut it into triangles and arranged them in a row to point towards the area underneath the pocket (like, see here!).

Here you can see how the pocket from yesterday is on top of today´ s focal point. Just to make it all a bit more interactive. The leaves I had already done some time ago and they were on my desk, so I used them for color contrast. I also decided to stop putting up a timer, because it is too stressfull trying to keep track if it is working etc. I might just take a regular kitchen timer for the next videos.

Thanks for stopping by again today! See you tomorrow!!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice w/ 2022 Artist Almanac – Day 2

Hello lovelies! Today´ s art practice is live! If you want to know what this is all about and missed my first post, then just read this post for details :). Here is what I did:

For day two I chose a ATC sized card that is hidden in a pocket. The Almanac pieces are wripped and added on top of the card and the pocket. The stamps are by Klartext (“Denglisch” set) from Etsy and from Studio Calico kits from back in the day (the roller stamp).

The Denglisch sentiment translates into something like: “Don´ t bug me/Don´ t get on my nerves”. And here is the video:

I had some trouble with the timer on this one. The phone thingy just isn´ t working an stresses me out more than it helps. This piece/these pieces were done in appr. 5-6 minutes, by the way.

The journal I am using has place for about 180 days – so appr. half a year long of pages. Therefore I was thinking of doing pockets and flip pages and incorporating smaller bits to the journal to get all 365 days into one journal. Let´ s see how that will work out in the end. But that is the plan.

Today´ s piece is nothing special (technique wise), but it was a fun one to do. Feeling bad about messing around with the timer thingy on my phone. Does not help and only frustrates me during creating. Going to need to find a better solution for that. But, on the other hand, this is the reality, not everything works out like a dream and there are mistakes and chaos and all the normal stuff is going on (=real life) here too, so things just happen the way they do. Theretore, I decided to just post whatever the outcome/trouble during video :). Cannot do anything else anyways, because I only have this one piece to work with per day. LOL! So this is what I can share…

See you again tomorrow 🙂 ,
xxx, Sanna