Daily Art Practice – May 24-25th

Hello and happy Thursday! Today I am again sharing two pages form my DAP-Journal:

This piece is as big as the almanac page (in fact it is the original almanac page) and I only added some stamping and a bit of ribbon to it. Why? Because my journal is getting VERY thick and I trying to fit as many days into it as possible. I probably will need to split it into at least 3 sections in the end, but hey, a girl can try, right?

This sentiment translates to: Hey fighting spirit, I am incredibly proud of you.

For May 25th I continued the faces outside the almanac page and boy did I enjoy drawing these wonky faces. I haven´ t been doing faces in a while. It´ s something I want to do more of again, so this was a good reminder. I used a black Posca pen for drawing and then added colour with Neocolor 2´ s. For the sentiment I again used a Klartext stamp that says: “you are wonderful”.

I hope these pages lifted your spirits!
Have a great day,
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – May 20-22

Hello and happy Tuesday! Today I am sharing 3 tiny pages from my DAP-Journal at once:

This is May 20th: done with the almanac page, then added a magazine image, some Neocolor 2´ s and finished the page off with a Klartext stamp. The stamped sentiment tranlates to: “to dream”.

This is May 21st: Here again I tried to continue the feeling of the original almanac page and did that by using Distress Paints, a magazine image of a dance and a Klartext stamped word which translates to “to dance”.

And finally, May 22nd: On this page I again used Distress Paints, a Posca pen in black and a Klartext stamp which translates to: “to laugh”. So this actually is a kind of series, in a way.

I hope you enjoyed today´ s share and hopefully I could inspire you also abit.
Take care,
xxxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – May 19th

Hello and happy Monday! Here is another DAP-Journal share:

This one again is a very tiny page. I used Distress Paints, Klartext stamps and Posca pens on this one to mimic the original almanac page. The sentiment translates to: who wants to be beautiful, must smile :).

Hope your Monday was a good one!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Journal – May 6th

Hello and happy Monday! Today I am again sharing another Daily Art Practice piece from my journal. This one is May 6th:

I used a piece of green japanese paper on the background. It was not exactly the same tone, but I didn´ t have the exact colour available. In addition I cut off some olf book paper bits (into circles) and added them to the page. I also drew similar pattens with a black pen onto the green paper and added an old photo and a postal stamp as well as a 7gypsies number on top.

For stamping I again used a Klartext stamps “Denglisch” stamp set sentiment. It means something like this: A matter that has been thoroughly discusses should now be forgotten and not talked about anymore.

That´ s all for today. See you tomorrow with another post!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Journal – May 3rd

Hello and happy Friday! Today I am sharing another Daily Art Practice page from my journal. This one, again, is done using the Artistic Almanac 2022 as a starting point.

For this piece I found a magazine page in blue tones that matched the almanac page´ s tone perfectly. So I used it. It also had some scribbles on it already which made it even more perfect :).

I added some asemic writing with a Stabilo all on top and used a newspaper piece and white Posca marker to draw the circles on top. Then I fussy cut another magazine title and added it to the page. I really like how this page turned out. And yet it was so very, very easy to do.

The German title, by the way, means “Metamorphosis”. I find it a very suitable sentiment for this page and for this Friday.

Have a great weekend, everyone!
xxx, Sanna