Dream – The Nifty Pixel

I feel so bad about sharing my take on the Dreams do come true digi kit reveal so late afterwards. It is an absolutely delicious kit and perfect for those “me” type of pages. So how about it? You can purchase this fab kit over here (and here is a little sneak for you too):

and this is my hybrid page created with the kit:

I´ve again first created my very own patterned paper by combining various design pieces from the kit and layering them over each other. I´ve partly resized pieces as well as faded them more in tone onto the background. Then I`ve added some white light texture paste thru a The Crafter´s Workshop stencil here and there, outlined the paper with a black pen, added some black Glimmer Glaze splatters, some wood veneer embellishments and a shiny glitter sticker title.

(here you can see how my paper design looked like just before I printed it. As you can see, I even work outside the lines…since I am going to trim the paper into right size after printing, I don´t mind if the designs go “over the edge” at this point).

For more digi&hybrid inspiration, go to the Nifty Pixel and to the DigiChick websites and feast your eyes on the faboulous designs!!!

Happy hybrid crafting,
xxx, Sanna

Hello – October Mixed Media Card Challenge reveal

Hello there, everyone! Another new month, another new challenge!!! This month we want to see cards created with BLACK & ORANGE and you can use GLITTER as an additional element!

I could have easily created a Halloween themed card – after all it is an October challenge!!! Or even a Thanksgiving card would have been suitable for these colors, but I went with a more general theme. Here is what my card looks like:

I´ve used orange ink to ink the background, then added a layer of glitter paste and black acrylic paint thru a The Crafter´s Workshop stencil over the inked area. After that I cut the piece into a right size and when the glitter paste was dry, I outlined the glitter petals with a black pen. That way they stand out more from the background.

Next I added some black Glimmer Glaze droplets and glued the background onto a white card base. After that I added a ribbon and some flowers and stamped and fussy cut the sentiment.

So nothing really THAT fancy going on here, but nevertheless lots of various media and techniques going on. And still easy to do.

I hope you will find some time to join in with us at the Mixed Media Card Challenge blog!!! I´d love to see what you come up with!! For further details, read the RULES over at the MMCC blog (right side bar) and while you are there, get inspired by the fabulous cards my team colleagues have created!!!!

Happy October and happy crafting!!!
xxx, Sanna

Think Pink 2015 – Canvas Corp Brands

Hello there and happy October!!! The Canvas Corp blog would like to draw your attention towards the Breast Cancer Awareness month. I have created a few projects around this theme and today I´d like to start by sharing a set of ATC cards in pink tones with you:

I will be sharing a step-by-step of these ATC´s later, but here are a few close-up shots of them for starters:

I really cannot call myself a survivor, as I have not had to fight the fight so far. But due a family history, I have been going to regular check ups for a few years now and must say it was quite a scary moment to have to have my first biopsy done as a result of a knot showing in my x-ray photographs. I still need to get myself checked on regular basis, but the time periods in between controls have gotten longer as things have not changed for worse during this time. I am aware that they could, but I am happy to have the support of regular controls on my side. When it all gets a little too much, I rely on my crafting for energy and comfort. I get my head sorted out when I am crafting. I can pour all my feelings into my artworks.

So these ATC´s are my first contribution to this important theme month. I have already sent one card on it´s way to a lovely fellow crafter, but if you would like to get mail from me, there are still 5 ATC´s I can sent on their way. Just leave me a message with your postal adress to this post and I will send a card your way (I will edit your comments and not publish you adresses!!!).

lots of love, Sanna

Products used:
7gypsies stamp, Tattered Angels Glimmer Glaze, Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, The Crafter´s Workshop stencil

Do more of what makes you happy – The Nifty Pixel

Hi there! There is one more hybrid layout I need to share with you! I created this one with the “Passion Play” digi kit (designed by The Nifty Pixel). I again first combined various kit pieces and created my very own background paper with them (done in a similar way like this layout here).

Next I went and printed that design of my own and then started adding little hybrid bits and pieces from the kit onto the background paper, then added photos and some “real” embellishments to go with it all.

See, I´ve only recently realized that I can also RESIZE the digital design elements to fit my background in the way I want to. I know, this should be something very obvious, but as a non-digital scrapper, you just don´t think about such things as resizing and fading etc. immediately. So you can find both resized and faded added elements/details on this background. And what fun it can be!!! I love the fact that I can go and do all kinds of additions to my paper-to-be and first then print it, when I am happy with the result I´ve created.

(see how I´ve layered the bits and pieces here and there. They even partly “go over the edge” of the paper which I don´t mind at all as I am going to trim the paper into a right size after printing anyways. In fact, I´ve even used parts of the “over the edge” areas for punching the butterflies and adding fussy cut journaling pieces over the photos. Nothing goes to waste and it doesn´t always have to be neat and clean..there can be color outside the lines and it can be used for another purpose :) :) …)

That truly is one of the joys of playing with digital and hybrid! And yes I know that my ideas are far from mind-blowing, but they are “new” to me and I enjoy them very much! I strongly recommend you get yourself a digi kit and start playing!!! And you learn as you go, you don´t have to know it all in the beginning! Here is a peek on the “Passion Play” kit:

You can get all these designs from the DigiChick site!

Oh, and this page is about my personal passion – creating with my hands, playing with paper, media and all kinds of fun stuff!

Happy creating,
xxx, Sanna


Today I´d like to share with you a graduation party invitation card. The graduate had wishes about the colors and the style. It should reflect her personality and have lots of pink, silver and glitter on it. So I first created a few samples and this was the one they went for in the end.

I first created the background with a “faux watercolor” technique on relatively thick watercolor paper. Here is a process photo. I love, love, love to create this kind of backgrounds! They are so much fun to do!

Next I added some silver texture paste (Imagine Crafts) thru a Tim Holtz stencil.

Next I added droplets of my all time favorite black Glimmer Glaze (by Tattered Angels) here and there. After that I just needed to use my Silhouette to cut the sentiments from black cardstock and add some glitter cardstock flowers here and there (punched with a Martha Stewart hydrangea craft punch). Finally I just outlined the watercolor paper pieces with black ink for additional contrast and then glued them on white card bases.

Here is a close-up of the finished card:

and one more shot of the full card:

I think it was a little bit over 80 cards in the end, when I finished creating. I kept only one for myself as a sample and sent all the others on their way to their new owner. Both the mother and her daughter had been very thrilled about the cards which is the best kind of thank you I can imagine getting! I must say I enjoyed this commission work very much and it made me feel very special that someone wanted to have handmade invitation cards for her graduation party created by me!

Happy crafting,
xxx, Sanna

Now & then – The Nifty Pixel

Hi there and happy Sunday! Today I´d like to share with you some gorgeous sketches from The Nifty Pixel. These are always so much fun and easy to get inspired by!

and this is my take on the sketch on the lower right corner:

This time I´ve used papers from Studio Tekturek as my base and added some tiny elements from a The Nifty Pixel digi kit called “Sweet Thing“. So there is some hybrid in there too. Go check out that particular kit and many other gorgeous designs over HERE!

Well, there is not much to add to this short post than to note that time sure flies!! It feels like it was only yesterday that my boy was this cute little baby. And look at him now – tall and handsome (yes, I am biased & a very proud mum :-) …).

Oh, and I am very sorry for the poor layout image. Since I started working full time again it has turned into a struggle to be at home when there is still daylight around for proper photos… this was the best I could do – the colors are much better IRL, but I hope you get the idea. I am thinking of getting myself a photo tent to solve the problem…any recommendations, anyone? THANKS!

Happy scrapping,
xxx, Sanna

Remember the lesson – Art Journal 1/4 SWAP

Hi there lovelies! I recently took part in an art journal SWAP of a different kind. We were asked to create a full 8×10 inch art journal page and then cut it in 4 pieces and send those pieces on their way to the SWAP partners.

Here is what I did – a full 8×10 inch art journal sheet with lots of paint and pattern going on on the background. Created with Tattered Angels paints & sprays as well as some acrylic paints from my stash.

In the middle it says: “Love your life”. And the black text in the background goes something like this: “Life is too ironic to fully understand. It takes sadness to know what happiness is. Noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence. Forget the past, remember the lesson”.

Here are some close-ups:

There are quite a few layers of paint, spray ink, white and black pen, acrylic paint etc. on this piece.

I also fussy cut the heart pieces from a previous projekt leftover piece of paper and added them in the middle to add more interest and dimension to the sheet.

and then finally, this is what I sent to my SWAP partners:

So everyone will receive a different kind of piece with a different random text and bits and pieces of hearts in every single piece. I really liked creating these pieces/this sheet – I hope the recipients will find them ok too. There is a lot of heart put into this sheet :-) .

I will be shearing the quarters I receive on my Instagram account as they arrive, so make sure you keep an eye on that. I am already very excited to see what my SWAP partners created!!! This has been so much fun!!! Hope we can do something like this soon again!!!

Have a nice weekend lovelies!!!!
xxx, Sanna

Hohe Wand – hybrid layout step-by-step

Happy Tuesday! I know I promised to share a step-by-step for my “Hohe Wand” layout a while back and it actually took me much longer than planned to post it here, but better late than never.

This is the layout once again:

and it is made with this kit:

I am using the digital kits designed by The Nifty Pixel to create hybrid layouts and I love the process. Well, it is kind of a mixture this time again, as I first combined various elements from the kit to create my own background paper to start with.

So as you can see I´ve first created my own background paper from various elements of the kit/collection on the grid background paper pattern and then printed that piece with my Epson color printer. I use A3 paper for this purpose and the paper is just a little bit too small on one side, but it does not bother me at all, as you can hardly tell the difference. So we are not talking about quite a true 12×12 inch sized paper here.

And while I was at it, I also printed out more papers and designs. The papers get printed as they are, but the little design elements and bits get arranged on a A3 sized paper and first then printed. In the end the printed piece looks like this:

..and then I usually just fussy cut those pieces I want to use for the particular layout that is under contruction. This time I chose to use a yellow cardstock (from my own stash) underneath the hybrid background paper (this is a great way to use those cardstock pieces that have been hiding in a drawer for a long time..). AND this way no one will notice that the hybrid paper size is slightly smaller than 12×12 inch :-)

I then added some black ink splatters to go with the background. Again using my all time favorite black ink by Tattered Angels.

Next I used a white marker to draw some “droplets” onto the background. This adds even more texture and interest.

Finally I grabbed my dearly beloved  The Crafter´s Workshop stencils to add some golden texture paste thru here and there. This adds even more interest and texture to the background.

Next I stamped some circles onto the background using Finnabair´s stamps with black stamp ink.

Then I added a fussy cut sentiment (from the collection) – just a little piece of it to go with every single photo. That should add to the journaling of the page and guides the eye along the page and photos nicely.

After that I wanted to add a date stamp to go with the photos. I´ve noticed it very usefull :-) . That way I can later remember which year we went hiking… in a couple of years time it will be hard to remember the exact time and date.

Finally, I outlined the grid paper with a black pen and highlighted the title using the same pen. This way the title stands out more from the background and the black outline adds a nice contrast to the page.

I really enjoy creating these hybrid layouts!
Hope you will give Em´s kits a try – I promise you will not regret it!

Happy (hybrid) scrapbooking,
xxx, Sanna

Die wilde Maus – The Nifty Pixel Core Radiance kit

Hi there, I wanted to share another hybrid layout with you today. This I actually created a few weeks back, but only now got to sharing it with you. I just adore Em´s designs – they are very versatile and I love her use of patterns and colors. And even though this kit was called “Core Radiance” which obviously sounds sports related, I used it for amusement park photos this time. Just because the colors and and patterns were perfect for that purpose in my opinion.

Here is a reminder of how the kit looks like:

and this is my hybrid layout created using the kit:

and some detail shots:

After printing the papers with my Epson I went along and added some random background stamping around the areas where the photos would later be. The stamp is hand carved by me and I´ve just a Hero Arts black ink for stamping.

I then fussy cut all kinds of element details and sentiments and glued them down on their places for additional detail. I always add some alphas/ink/stickers to go with the hybrid pieces just to reduce my stash.

I did not add much more to the page, just outlined some pieces with a black pen and added a few ink droplets here and there.

Now hop over to the Nifty Pixel website for more inspiration and get yourself some digi kit goodness at TheDigiChick :-) .

Have fun with your hybrid/digi designs,
See you soon,

A friend is – Mixed Media Card Challenge September reveal

And just like that another new month just started! It is time to share the Mixed Media Card Challenge blog´s September challenge:

So the theme is friendship and as an optional element you are asked to use a ribbon on your card.

And here comes the card I created for this months reveal:

and here is how I created the card:

First I applied some golden paste thru a The Crafter´s Workshop stencil (mini rug) onto the card base and let that layer dry.

While the card base was drying, I sprayed a piece of lace with apricot Chalkboard spray ink by Tattered Angels.

And while the ribbon was drying, I went over and stamped a friendship themed sentiment/quote (by Kaisercraft) on a piece of white cardstock with VersaMark ink and then applied clear embossing powder over it. Then I heat set the powder.

Finally I went over the embossed sentiment area with orange Distress Ink, fussy cut the piece and glued all the pieces on their place. Finally I also added a piece of matching orange ribbon to go with the lace and some golden pearls to match the pasted, stenciled background pattern.

I hope you find the time to join us for the September challenge!!! For more details (rules and more inspiration) go to the MMCC blog.

Happy creating,
xxx, Sanna