Fixer Upper Leporello-Album – Dani Peuss

Hallo ihr Lieben und einen wunderschönen Donnerstag! Morgen ist schon der 1. Juli – unglaublich, wie schnell die Wochen vergehen!! Ich will einfach den Sommer so lange, wie möglich, auskosten. Heute zeige ich Euch ein kleines Projekt, das kurz vor der Affenhitze fertig geworden ist :). *for English translation, just hit the Google Translate button on the sidebar*.

Das hier, meine Lieben, ist ein weiteres Leporello, den ich mit dem Juli-Kit von Dani Peuss gestaltet habe. Das Format ist kleiner (14,5 x 10,5 cm) als der Leporello von Dienstag.

Im Minibook habe ich unser letztes Renovierungsprojekt festgehalten. Wir haben unseren “Gästezimmer” umgestaltet und zwar von 1960er dunkler Holztäfelung auf “Scandiweiss” :). Also habe ich ein Mini-Finnland jetzt zuhause!

Das Album und die Embellishments sind alle aus dem Juli-Kit. Einige Buchstabensticker sind aus meinem eigenen Fundus und ich habe mehrere Klartext-Stempel für das Mini verwendet; nicht nur die aus dem Kit. Alle Produkte sind, wie immer, am Ende dieses Postings aufgelistet.

Da ich mehr Fotos, als es Seiten im Leporello gab, hatte, habe ich einfach ein A4 Papier vom Kit in die richtige Größe zugeschnitten und dann mit einem Hefter dazugefügt. So hatte ich genügend Seiten für die ganze Geschichte.

Auf dem Video könnt ihr das dann besser sehen, als hier auf den Fotos.

Ich sags euch, je mehr wir zuhause herrichten, umgestalten und machen, desto mehr neue Projekte fallen uns dauernd ein. So ist es hier auch gewesen. Um das Gästezimmer herrichten zu können, musste einiges an “Krempel” in ein anderes Zimmer hineingeschlichtet werden. DAS Zimmer gehört also als nächstes entrümpelt und dann auch hergerichtet.

Aber das muss jetzt ein wenig warten, denn bei dieser Hitze kann man nun wirklich nicht so ein Projekt durchziehen. Also seid gespannt, was als nächstes kommen wird! Der Hornbach (und wahrscheinlich auch IKEA werden sich wieder freuen, wenn wir kommen ;-)…). Nun das Video, damit ihr ein besseres Bild vom Minibook bekommt:

Hier sieht ihr noch beide Seiten des Leporellos:

Ich wollte das Projekt so schnell wie möglich verscrappen, damit ich ja nichts vergesse. Und außerdem war ich auch so glücklich über das Endergebnis, dass es einfach fesgehalten werden musste.

Und wieder ist ein kleines Minialbum mit einem Dani Peuss Kit entstanden! Irgendwas hat es wirklich mit diesen Kits – ich mutiere zu einem Minibook-Liebhaber :).

Habt eine schöne restliche Woche und ein entstpannendes Wochenende!!
xxx, Sanna

Verwendete Materialien:

Alles Gute!

Hello and happy sunny Saturday! First it was too cold and then it´s just way too warm. What a crazy weather we have nowadays!! There even was a tornado in the Czech Republic this week (too close to where we live in my opinion)! Very scary! Also I am staying inside still, as my pollen allergy is really bad this year… and since I´m “hiding inside” I have more than enough time in my hands to do some crafting! So I have been seriously stash busting recently!

I´ve used up some residues from my design team kits, while I was a dt member at The Wild Hare Kits. These 2×2 inch square bits by Paige Evans for Pink Paislee are just perfect for creating card backgrounds. You get a really cool “quilt background” with them and then just need to add just a few pieces of ephemera and such for decor and the card is done!

I also used up some Shimelle glitter alpha stickers for this card and to make sure they stay on place I used me sewing machine instead of glue! The little doily was gifted to me by my lovely friend Lizzy and the ephemera is from my time at The Wild Hare Kits. Some faux stitching with a black pen for finishing touches and the card is ready to be sent on it´s way.

I usually do my backgrounds using different mixed media techniques, but during the years of my crafting hobby I´ve managed to gather quite a selection on patterned papers, embellishments and such, so it´s about time I use those products up. It is very possible that I will not be able to finish this goal in my lifetime (yes, there is so much stuff!), but I am at least trying!!

What about you? Are you a hoarder? Take my advice: stop hoarding! Just buy what you need and use it up! First then buy more! Believe me, I know what I am talking about!

Happy crafting!
xxx, Sanna


Full of Joy!

Hello everyone and happy Thursday! Today I´m again stopping by with another stash-busting card project. The bits and bobs on this card are all from my time at the Wild Hare Kits design team. I love that ephemera and the lovely flower paper.

And the little cutie snail just adds so much more cuteness to the card which is so very easy to make. Just add the flower paper to a card base and layer and arrange a cluster with various die cut pieces / ephemera on top. Add some faux stitching around the edges and that´s it!

A perfect fast and easy-to-do birthday card idea! I usually go the mixed media way with my cards and on the last ones I have added NONE. Sometimes it´s good to go out of ones comfort zone and challenge oneself with a totally different style. And like mentioned on my previous post, I am trying to seriously reduce my stash, so there will be paper dominated cards and other projects showing up on my blog from time to time. I´ll let you know, when I´ve managed to empty a box or a drawer.

I doubt it will happen any time soon ;-). Wishing you a great day and a good weekend :)! Happy summer and happy crafting!
xxx, Sanna


Hello, you are amazing!

Hi there and happy Saturday! Today I´m stopping by to share a a VERY PINK clean and simple card made out of all kinds of bits and bobs left from kits, packaging and happy mail.

For this card I used a backgroup paper gifted to me by Donna (thank you!). The sentiment piece is from a Bramble Fox acrylic shape packaging and the other pieces are from a Wild Hare Kits kit from my time at their design team. I just love how this turned out! The flamingo got a bit of glitter on it (done with Nuvo Drops).

And the amazing plate I´ve displayed my card on is from the awesome Tulü Porzellan store in Vienna. Do check them out if you are in the area! Such a nice store with such pretty kitchenware!

I hope you have a gorgeous weekend, everyone! Here in the Vienna region we have a heat wave. First it was crazy cold and then suddenly it´s +34 degrees. I´m trying to stay inside due to the heavy pollen exposure at the moment. My allergy has been sooo bad this year.

Happy crafting,
xxx, Sanna


Unboxing Day – The Wild Hare Kits

Good morning lovelies and happy 2nd of April! Today it´s again unboxing day over at The Wild Hare Kits today. I´m happy to be able to share my April kit with you all today :-). I was a bit afraid my kit would not arrive in time, as the shipping information did not update itself for at least two weeks, but then, suddenly on Monday, the postman pushed the parcel under our garden door (no personal contact allowed, you see).

This is my gorgeous, colorful, cheerful and happy kit. I wished for one like this. And it´s again spot on. I wished for a colourful, happy and cheerful kit for April. Little did I know when I ordered it, that we´d be sitting at home and distancing ourselves from everything. Now that it arrived, I am more than happy that I ordered this type of a kit.

Here are the videos, let´s start with English:

Here is the one in Finnish:

And last, but not least, the one in German:

I hope you enjoy the videos!! I cannot wait to start creating with this kit!! And there is also one more kit I received a few days back, my “long lost” March kit. For those videos, just hop over to THIS POST and watch :). I´m planning on creating a minibook with that kit some time in April too, so stay tuned :).

And now to my lovely fellow WHK crafters, here are some direct links to the unboxing videos by them – enjoy!

Jess Claire

I wish you all a lovely April and hope that thru staying at home we can “starve” the virus out as early as possible. Stay home and stay healthy!

Lots of love,
xxx, Sanna