Daily Art Practice – May 15th

Hello and happy Friday! here is another Daily Art Journal page from my “DAP-journal”.

For this page I used a woodgrain paper as background, then mounted the almanac page on top and fussy cut randomw words from a magazine and added a stamped Klartext stamp image next to them. Everything translates to: dark circles gradually increasing.

On top of everything I added a fussy cut old photo of a lady and did some stenciling with one of my STAMPlorations stencils and white gesso.

That´ s all for today. Hope you have some crafty time planned for the weekend :)!

Have a good one,
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – May 12th

Hello and happy Monday! Today´ s DAP-Journal share is here:

I used Distress Crayons on the background, then added a black and white photo with a “crown” made from Dresdner trim piece by Prima Marketing, some Klartext stamp images as well as some old ribbon from my stash.

Here is a lady saying: it´ s all going to be allright again. And I am happy to say that speech therapy is paying off and my voice is getting better and better. That is a huge relief, since I will need another surgery and losing my voice forever just was not an option on my list. The rist of a second surgery damaging my second vocal cord would have been a huge catastrophy for me – one does need a voice on daily basis – and to know that the damaged one is getting better means good news for next surgery.

Hoping you all are doing good!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – May 9th

Hello and happy Thursday! Today´ s Daily Art Journal page share is here:

I again did a very small page, just about the size of the almanac page. I fussy cut the butterfly from the original page and adhered it onto a piece of Japanese paper, then fussy cut some butterflies from an old book page and adhered everything on place. In addition I also added a Klartext stamp sentiment – again from the “Denglish” series.

That´ s it! I am adding these tiny pages to the journal, as I am still trying to fit as much in as possible. I still might need to re-bind the journal into smaller parts at some point. For now it is still working as is…

Take care,
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – April 20

Hello and happy Wednesday! Today I am sharing yet another page from my Daily Art Practice Journal 2022 which I create using the Artistic Almanac 2022 as my starting point.

For this page I just continued the pattern of the almanac page and added some Klartext stamp stamping on top. I just love this almanac page and tried to continue the same feeling “on my side of the page”.

I used iridescent watercolour paints with acrylic paints, gesso and Neocolor II crayons here. Also, here on the very top you can see the stamping of the day 19 peeking. I missed that part in my previous posts´ photos ;-).

So I have been telling you bits about my surgery, but there are parts that did not go to plan and I haven´ t talked about yet. Becuase I have been a) recovering from the fact that it´ s not all as it is supposed to be and b) processing the news for myself the past week.

After surgery situation is that my left vocal cord got injured. If the injury is permanent, one cannot tell yet. It will either stay as is or recover in time (this might take 4-6 weeks). So you can imagine how I´ ve been worried and scared the past days. I know there are more horrible things to happen to someone, but I use my voice every day and when it´ s not working, it is scary. I truly hope it will get better during the next weeks.

I know we all carry something with us that the others know nothing of, so therefore, I send you all my very best wishes, strength with whatever you are struggling with and a virtual hug! Take care!

Have a great day!!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – April 12th

Hello and happy Monday! Today I am sharing another Daily Art Practice Journal page with you. Like usual, I have used the Artist Almanac 2022 page as my starting point:

I gathered vintage looking paper from my leftover paper scrap pile and added those to this page. After that I added some wax crayons, some Stabilo all black marks, Klartext stamp sentiments and a very old vintage photo to go with everything.

I also have some white gesso here and there to add to the overall feel of the page. One of the sentiments translates to: ” I don´ t know where I am going – but I am on the way”.

It pretty much tells everything about my current life situation ;-), so I found it very suitable for this page.

Hope you have a great day today,
xxx, Sanna