DAP-journal – July 11th, 2022

Hello and happy Tuesday! This is my share for today from my Daily Art Practice journal:

For this one I fussy cut the almanac page into smaller pieces and then created a similar toned background with Neocolor 2´ s to go with the original bits. After that I added some Dina Wakley Scribble Stick marks on top of everything else and the page was done.

Wishing you a lovely Tuesday evening,
xxx, Sanna


DAP-journal – July 9th, 2022

Hello and happy Sunday! Today I am dropping by to share another page from my Daily Art Practice journal with you:

For this one I used Neocolor 2 crayons with Stabilo Woody´ s and Stabilo all black and white pencils. I fussy cut the original almanac page into bitsand used the flowers as they were and hand drew a few more and fussy cut leaves from the other bits of the almanac page. The stamp is again a Tim Holtz one.

Wildflowers for Sunday!
xxx, Sanna


DAP-journal – July 6th, 2022

Hello and happy Wednesday! Here is another Daily Art Practice Journal page share:

On the left you can see the original Almanac page. On the right is my take on it. I used similar colours in papers and cut holes into the paper and had some Neocolor added underneath. Also some gold Posca marker and a Klartext stamp for pattern was used on this one. The colors are to my liking here. It´ s also very cool to discover new ideas thru these Almanac pages. Like the holes. Just so simple, but I just have never used them on my work so far. Adds really nice texture.

Hope your week has been nice so far!
Take care,
xxx, Sanna


DAP-journal / June 27th and 28th, 2022

Hello and happy Saturday! Here are the next takes from my Daily Art Practice Journal – June 27-28th:

For these to almanac pages I again did an “add-in” to my journal. Just a tiny flippable tag with the Artist Almanac page, June 27th on the front and the June 28th on the back. I loved tha almanac page as it was, so I just added tiny details to it and left it as it was.

For the 28th I did basically the same. Just a few ephemera and magazine sentiment I added some Distress Crayon and paper from my stash to continue the same color palette.

It´ s also good to have pages in between that are different, right?

Have a great weekend!
xxx, Sanna


DAP-journal – June 26th, 2022

Hello and happy Thursday! Today´ s Daily Art Practice Journal page is made with gelli printing bits, as was the original Almanac page.

In the original page it´ s alcohol inks with either Lego, I think, or something similar. “My side” is also done with a gelli plate, but I used acrylic paints and bubble wrap.

The sentiment I added, is from a magazine and translates to: “pretty, creative and successfull – all a childs play… hahaha”. I just wanted to add something snarky to this one :). Felt good ;-).

Almost weekend, lovelies! It´ s just around the corner :).
xxx, Sanna