Face on pink AJ page

Hello everyone and happy Sunday! Today it´s again face-share-day. That means another peek into my art journal and sharing a face experiment. I started with the bold magenta background. It´s brayered.

That is one bold starting point, eh? Then I drew the face lines and form and started painting with colours. I again used Dina Wakley paints here. And I chose colours on purpose that I hadn´t used on a face so far. Like, she has really nice brown eyes and brown hair. And she is wearing a turtle neck pullover in eggplant colour and turquoise expensive looking earrings ;-).

She definitely is more exotic than the ladies I painted before her. For painting I used Dina Wakley paints and and also her scribble sticks for splatters. The journal is by Dylusions (the bigger one).

I find painting these faces very relaxing by now. I´m not stressing too much about getting things „right“ or creating realistic looks. The ladies that show up, are totally imaginary and the process is lots of fun. I might call this journal my Face Book, when I´m all done. And it will be exciting to see, if and how much I´ve developed, when, I one day, finish this journal. It has plenty of pages, so it might take a while :).

Wishing you a lovely Sunday!!
xxx, Sanna


You will never grow AJ page

Hello and happy Saturday & happy Midsummer! To everyone in Finnland, enjoy the gorgeous weather and the long bright nights!! Hope you have a great one!!! Here in Austria, I/we are trying to cope with the grey and rainy weather and honestly, I´d rather be in Finland today, than here 😉 (weatherwise that is!!). So trying to bring some light to this grey & dull day, here is peak into my art journal:

I did some flower painting to experiment. I started with the big flowers first. Just went with it, and didn´t plan anything really thru. The flowers, well, they did not turn out as expected, but I really like the tiny flowers, which I created towards the end.

So the quote also fits! I need to practise flowers if I want to master them. for a first try, they at least somewhat look like flowers. Nothing close to a realistic one, but you see that I tried painting flowers.. LOL!

I again used Dina´s paints and scribble sticks for this page. Love the paints!!! And also added a quote that I really like. Tried going with my own natural handwriting as it is and not getting intimidated by the look of it. I wish I had a pretty handwriting, but as I don´t I either accept what I got or practice, practice, practice. Time will tell which I will end sticking to..

Hope your weekend is lovely!!!
Take care,


Face painting time

Hello everyone and happy Sunday!! I hope the weather at your end is better than at mine? It´s been cold, rainy and grey the past days. Which is good, creativity wise (more time in studio), but it is starting to dim my mood. I need sunshine! I miss sunshine. It has been the only thing that has carried me thru this strange period of time. Spring, flowers and sunshine. And now… I can´t cope with this type of weather. It´s like this the whole winter, who needs this greyness all year long? Not me for sure!

Anyways, today I´m sharing yet another face painting with you guys. Here it is:

I changed my art journal format to a big one for a change! This is by Dylusions and it´s the large creative journal. I am loving the paper, by the way! And the size! Great for faces :).

I am trying to develop in painting faces. Not realistic ones – mine are more imaginary. I´m experimenting with different ways of painting them, but have been strongly inspired and couraged thru Dina Wakley´s Facebook lives. She has this very relaxed approach towards her art journals and watching her has helped me overcome my fears of doing something wrong. Because, if you never paint, experiment and try, you will never develop. So I´ve tossed all my fears in a bin and am going with what appears on paper.

And I do LIKE how she turned out. I wasn´t going for a „face face“ if you know what I mean, and suddenly she was there. I like her eyes and the nose. Definitely development happening there :). I painted with Dina Wakley paints again. Loving them, by the way. Going to need more colors! And might want to get another of these journals. I think Art from the Heart is going to be hearing from me very soon ;-).

You can find all the products I´ve used on this page, listed in the supply list at the end of this post – just in case you are interested. And I did dry paint brush, by the way. And didn´t clean in between. Veery freeing painting that way. I wish I could just do this all day, every day! I find such great pleasure in it at the moment.

Wishing you a lovely Sunday! Keep on creating,
xxx, Sanna


Abstract art journal spread – STAMPlorations

Hello lovelies, it is again time for another STAMPlorations Stencil Sunday! This time I created an abstract art journal spread and made a little start-to-finish video to go with it!

Abstract art journal spread - Sanna Lippert

Abstract art journal spread - Sanna Lippert Abstract art journal spread - Sanna Lippert Abstract art journal spread - Sanna Lippert Abstract art journal spread - Sanna Lippert I´ve used plenty of green Distress Paint as a base. The reason is I was creating another project and poured way too much paint onto the painters tray..cannot waste good paint, can I? So I wiped the residue onto my art journal and some more onto spare papers. Could be that you will see lots of greenish creations popping up here on my blog in the future *giggles*.

I really liked how the paint looked on the art journal sheets so I continued from there and created an abstact art journal spread using lovely STAMPlorations products. Here is the start-to-finish video of the creating process:

I hope you will find some time to join this months Mixed Media Challenge over at the STAMPlorations blog?!!! It is a fun one as you can create pretty much anything, just remember NOT to make cards :).  Even the theme is free! More details and rules to play along over here!

 I hope you enjoy watching the video and get inspired to create something fun yourself!
Happy crafting,
xxx, Sanna
ARTplorations – Bubbles Mini stencil
ARTplorations – Art splatters stencil
STAMPlorations clear stamp set – Create
Ranger Distress Paint – mowed lawn
Posca paint pens
Liquitex Ink! Titanium white
Irresistible black & white texture spray – Imagine Crafts


Create something today… – STAMPlorations

Hello lovelies! It is agan time for another Stencil Sunday with STAMPlorations! This Sunday´s project is an art journal sheet, a pretty dark one actually. But first, here are the details for this months challenge (just click the image to go to the page). Hope you´ll join in with us!!! There are prizes to be won too *winks*

And now some details on how I created my art journal sheet:

Sanna Lippert, black gesso, stencil, paint pen art journal sheet

I first gessoed the art journal sheet with white gesso. Then I dabbed some Distress Paint directly to the brayer and applied it with the brayer onto the page. Sanna Lippert, black gesso, stencil, paint pen art journal sheet

Next I placed the Bold Florals ARTplorations stencil onto the page and applied modeling paste onto the sheet thru it. I slightly dried the surface with a heat gun, but only for a few seconds. Sanna Lippert, black gesso, stencil, paint pen art journal sheet

Then I took the Create STAMPlorations clear stamp set and pressed the word „ART“ into the slightly dry modeling paste flowers. It left a mark (almost impossible to see on this picture). Sanna Lippert, black gesso, stencil, paint pen art journal sheet

I left the paste to dry properly and when I came back to the piece, I didn´t really like the colors I had chosen. They were too soft for my mood that day 🙂 – so I changed them… Some black gesso on top of it all and then I let it to dry again. Sanna Lippert, black gesso, stencil, paint pen art journal sheet

After the black gesso was all dried up, I took the Bundled Sage Distress Paint and dabbed some paint onto my finger. I then carefully wiped/dabbed the paint onto the stenciled, modeling paste flowers. This made them stand out more and if you look closely, you might even see the little words (ART) standing out from some flower petals. Sanna Lippert, black gesso, stencil, paint pen art journal sheet

Finally I outlined the flowers with a white Posca pen, added pink, yellow and green details in betweenthe flowers and then took a white gel pen and doodled the branches (colored them in with dark green Posca pen) and added a hand written sentiment. I really, really like how this page turned out. I think I will need to try this technique out a few more times :).

Here is the finished page:Sanna Lippert, black gesso, stencil, paint pen art journal sheet Sanna Lippert, black gesso, stencil, paint pen art journal sheet Sanna Lippert, black gesso, stencil, paint pen art journal sheetNow is your turn! Join the mixed media challenge at the STAMPlorations blog (remember to follow the rules) and have fun creating!!!

xxx, Sanna

ARTplorations stencil: Bold Florals
STAMPlorations stamp: Create
Posca pens
Black Gesso
Modeling paste
Distress Paints