Flowers – AJ page

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday! Today I´m again stopping by to share another art journal page with you guys. This is one of my recent favorite techniques. I love doodling flowers onto a journal!

For this page I first created a bold and colorful background with acrylic paints. When all the layers were dry, I started doodling white flowers onto the page. After filling the page with „scelecton flowers“ I added some colour using a very light cream Posca pen. That way the flowers better stand out from the background.

That is basically all you need to do for this type of page. I love my paints and Posca pens. And you don´t have to be a great drawer – just doodle imaginary flowers, like I did. Easy peasy!

That´s all for today. I hope you are doing well, staying home and healthy!? I am still recovering from my knee surgery, but have started physiotherapy to get my knee working (almost) as normal. Due to the virus situation, there will not be any rehabiliation period available, so I am trying to do as much excersize myself and get in shape at home.

Wishing you a great week!
Happy crafting,
xxx, Sanna


You are weird AJ page

Hello and Happy Tuesday!!! Today I´m again sharing another art journal page with you. Are you ready for some serious colour?

This one, is inspired by Louise Nelson´s class I took in fall 2018 in Norway and also by Deb Weiers face paintings. See, I´ve been adoring both ladies work for quite a while now and I wanted to give that type of art a try.

There´s a lot on this page that I learned on Louise´s class in Norway, but there are also bits and pieces that I tried to learn from Deb Weiers art. I love painting faces, but you know, with a twist, since I am not good at realistic portraits at all. Besides, I love crazy, silly, interesting non-traditional portraits of all sorts. So there, that inspired me to create this page.

I also learned alot during creating. I need to learn how to let go and be totally relaxed about what I am about to make. I tend to overthink things too much when creating. And thinking simpler and enjoying the process, not thinking about the end result too much during the creating process. I hope to find my way of painting faces in the process 🙂 ..

I´ve again started with a page that had some stamping already on it. You can see hints of it behind the red painted areas. Besides that, I´ve used only acrylic paints and Posca pens on this page. I am really happy with how the page turned out. And the quote „You are so weird, do not change!“ – just love it!!!

Wishing you a lovely start into your week,
see you soon, Sanna


Never assume – Art journal page

Hello lovelies! It´s time for another art journal page share. For today´s page I´ve again used gelli plate tissue paper magazine transfer images as my focal point. This is what the finished page looks like:

The background had a layer of purple spray ink already on it, so I painted on top of it with yellow and green acrylic paint. Then I added a few strips of old book paper here and there and created „lines“ next to them with ocher acrylic paint tone.

I then added stenciled images with STAMPlorations „Leaves 1 and Leaves 2“ (from my line of stencils there) onto the page and stamped with a Viva Las VegaStamps stamp images onto the backgrond before I moved over to adding the tissue paper magazine transfer images onto the page. I then highlighted some of the images with Posca pens and for finishing touches added some more stamping onto the bottom area (again using Viva Las VegaStamps) and finished everything with a powerful quote.

That´s all for today. Be sure to come back on Friday for another project share! Wishing you a great day and see you soon,
xxx, Sanna


Only one planet – Art journal page

Hello lovelies! Today I´ve got another art journal page share prepared. For this one I´ve again played with limited supplies, upon travelling. So I went with what worked the best for the moment.

I used acrylic paints mainly on the background and added a picture from a magazine as a focal point. I started by applying the green and yellow acrylic paint. Next I applied some blue Nuvo Embellishment Mousse with a paint brush onto the open areas (mixed with water).

For my next step I fussy cut a magazine image as my focal point, then painted it with spray inks (faux watercolour look) and added rub-on clouds and spray ink splatters as well as a hand-written and a fussy cut magazine sentiment on it.

Then I adhered the image onto the page and for finishing touches I added some stenciling with a STAMPlorations stencil from my line of stencils there. I used Nuvo Embellisment Mousse as my media for stenciling. Then I added some roller stamp images here and there and some spray ink splatters in grey tone. The sentiment on this page is a reminder of what is happening to our planet, of which, let´s face it, there is only one of…and what we are doing to it makes me both angry and sad at the same time.

Wishing you a lovely, crafty day,


Judge me – art journal page

Hello everybody and happy Sunday! Today I´d like to share another art journal page with you. I recently took a little time-out and went for a knee surgery related rehab. Being there, I decided to take some art supplies with me to be able to have some creative time, too. So here is the result of one of the creative evenings.

I had only a limited amount of supplies available, but it was still so much fun to create this page. So I took and used what I had, like the tissue paper transfer pictures I had pre-created a while back. Then I had a set of stamps by Viva Las VegaStamps, a stencil, paints and Posca pens with me.

I started by adding acrylic paints onto the background (the page had already paint residues and such on it as I usually wipe all types of residues onto empty pages to save product and have a nice starting point for the future), then applying bits and pieces of old vintage book pages here and there. Next I added the tissue paper images I had created with my Gelli Plate. For finishing touches I added stamping with a Viva Las Vegastamp and then colored some of the areas in with Posca pens to add interest to the areas.

Finally, I added stenciling with a STAMPlorations stencil (from my stencil line) using Nuvo Embellishment mousse as my media. And then I added a simple quote as a sentiment.

I really had a great time creating this page, even though I had limited materials available. Usually, when I travel, I don´t take any art supplies with me. This was the first time and I am glad I did it. What are your experiences on using art supplies when travelling? what do you take with you? Do you take a little or a lot with?

Wishing you a lovely end for your weekend,
Happy crafting,