#tuac5minchallenge – Day 2

Hello and happy Monday! Today I´m sharing my DAY 2 take for The Ugly Art Club 5 minute challenge. I was way more relaxed making this one :). But I still need to cut down steps so badly. I think it works better for me when I do just tiny bits and maybe continue on the same piece for another 5 minutes the next day.

Anyways, here is day two:

I wanted to add some sarcasm to today´s project. Just felt like it today. And I tried to be loose doing the background. Just adding random things. Still managed to just not think much about what I´m doing. So no proper plan. I don´t know if it´s ugly enough :). I need to practise on that still. I want to go really crazy with the 5 minutes and produce nothing particular and recognizable. Just maybe use colours and materials, but not words next time. We´ll see…

Here is the video to day 2:

Have you tried this yourself yet? Or are you considering joining? I´d love to see your takes, lovelies! Let´s have some fun :).

Have a great day!
xxx, Sanna


The Ugly Art Club – 5 min. challenge

Hello everyone, have you been following the Ugly Art Club on Instagram? I stumbled upon them, because I follow DeeDee and Tiffany on Insta and I found the idea very interesting. Do 5 minutes of art EVERY DAY, no matter how pretty or ugly. Just sit down for 5 minutes and do some fun creating. It could be cookie decorating, knitting, mixed media, or whatever it is that tickles your fancy. I am going to do mixed media with paper and stuff. And junk.

So here is day one of #tuac5minchallenge:

And here is the video 😉 – you will see me panicking about the time, because I set a timer. BUT it was fun, even though I´m totally freaked out about the time running. What did I learn from day one?

I learned that:

  1. You have no time to think what to do next. Which is good, because you are not able to overthink.
  2. You should check that your tool work, before you start. LOL!
  3. It would be good to have all kinds of alternatives AROUND, because 5 minutes is SOO short a time.
  4. Because I didn´t have time to think, I made very random choices, which maybe in the long run teaches me something.
  5. I didn´t think what I was doing much, because of the time running. Which is good.
  6. I think there is potential to develop thru the 5 minutes in your creative ways and discover something new. This is FUN!

I don´t know if I´ll be able to make a piece every day. Or a video. But I also might just try to make a project over several days, 5 minutes a day. Well see. But I´m going to give this challenge a try – in my own tempo.

Thanks for watching and stopping by!
xxx, Sanna