Your smile

Hello lovelies! Yesterday evening I finally tackled the second layout challenge for the supreme scrap tournament. The requirements were:

  • make a two page layout (free choice of page size!)
  • choose any theme
  • use only one colour (monochromatic)
  • use at least one photo
  • one photo must be partly on the left and partly on the right page
  • one photo needs to be black and white
  • use any embellishments, inks, media etc. as long as it is in the same colour as the rest of the layout

Now that is one hard challenge! I have done a couple of monochromatic layouts in the past, but usually used white or black to go with the mono colour which made it much easier. To use only one colour and nothing but that colour was REALLY hard! And all the extra requirements did not make the challenge easier at all :). But hey, it is supposed to be a challenge, so I´m not whining!!

Here is my take (a double paged layout with two 6×12 inch pages):

I chose green as my mono colour for this layout, mainly because I had quite a lot of green papers, embellishments and paint in my stash and secondly because my son happens to love this colour.

What did I do? I first stamped some images and used different shades of green embossing powder with them. After that I mixed molding paste with green paint and applied it randomly over the stamped images. Next I took a leftover negative chipboard sheet element, painted it green and after it was dry, applied a layer of green toned molding paste over it. Then I just cut my photo in two and glued the chipboard down. After that I applied spray ink splatters and paint splodges here and there and kept adding all kinds of little elements for decoration. The little dark circles here and there on the background are made with a dark green gel pen by hand. Finally I just created the title with foam Thickers (love that green tone!). Funny, how at first you think it is an impossible challenge to tackle, but in the end you are happy you did as it forces you to push your boundaries and makes you see things differently. I hope I can make it to the next round, as I am starting to enjoy the process. It´s challenges like these that make you discover new things. I like that!

Happy scrapping,
xoxo, Sanna

Used products:
zegary TES-206 clocks set of 3 - zegar  chipboards sheet  Funky! 2 

4 Gedanken zu “Your smile

  1. Love it – clever cookie doing a smaller double & I have no doubt [well, in my opinion!] that you’ll get through to the next level with this one. Really fab – & that’s a beautiful photo, too, BTW:):)