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Hello and happy Saturday & happy Midsummer! To everyone in Finnland, enjoy the gorgeous weather and the long bright nights!! Hope you have a great one!!! Here in Austria, I/we are trying to cope with the grey and rainy weather and honestly, I´d rather be in Finland today, than here 😉 (weatherwise that is!!). So trying to bring some light to this grey & dull day, here is peak into my art journal:

I did some flower painting to experiment. I started with the big flowers first. Just went with it, and didn´t plan anything really thru. The flowers, well, they did not turn out as expected, but I really like the tiny flowers, which I created towards the end.

So the quote also fits! I need to practise flowers if I want to master them. for a first try, they at least somewhat look like flowers. Nothing close to a realistic one, but you see that I tried painting flowers.. LOL!

I again used Dina´s paints and scribble sticks for this page. Love the paints!!! And also added a quote that I really like. Tried going with my own natural handwriting as it is and not getting intimidated by the look of it. I wish I had a pretty handwriting, but as I don´t I either accept what I got or practice, practice, practice. Time will tell which I will end sticking to..

Hope your weekend is lovely!!!
Take care,


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