Veggie-Album – May spread

Hello everyone and happy Friday! Today I am stopping by to share the May-spread of my year-long vegeterian monthly journal, where I document the journey I started in January 2022. This time it´ s time for the May spread:

I have been eating a vegetarian menu since end of January now and on these two pages I documented the most important things that happened in May – diet wise. I have become a tea-junkie. No coffee for me anymore. I love drinking tea now! I find it also very calming for some reason.

I have also managed to get over the April tiredness (that was due Covid) and did so much sport in May that I hardly can believe it myself :). And I feel better again. Also I bought another veggie cook book – this time for baking. I miss baking since I changed my diet, so I got myself new recipies to experiment with :).

Here is a short start-to-finish on the pages, too:

I also let some labwork done on my blood values and they look good, except I need to add Vitamin B12 supplements to my diet, as I am not eating meat anymore. That was something I was calculating to happen at some point, so no surprise there. So I am taking the supplements now to keep the levels in right order. Other than that I am still going strong with the new diet and feeling really good doing it. So I´ ll keep doing it.

I have used the new “unser schönes Zuhause” Klartext stamp set on this page. And here is a short video on the new stamp sets for June:

The papers used in this album (and also the album) are all from previous months Dani Peuss kits. I will link all products in the links at the end. I hope I could inspire you a bit with this share. See you soon with more crafty stuff!
xxx, Sanna


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