#tuac5minchallenge – Day 17

Hello and happy Tuesday! Today´s #tuac5minchallege take is already Day 17. I cannot believe I did art already 17 days in a row for 5 minutes a day!!! Today´s one is truly an ugly art piece :)….

I was so in love with yesterday´s colours that I wanted to do similar tones today too. Well, and then it didn´t just work out as it imagined. It turned out all wonky and strange and I don´t like it that much. But it´s okay. I did it in 5 minutes – well, to be honest, I cheated a bit, because time went way too fast and I could not add all the bits I had wanted to do. So I decided to cheat just a little and add the eye fussy cut pieces AFTER the 5 minutes had run out. Oh well, not all days are the same and sometimes things work out and sometimes not.

I don´t like this piece so much, but I might just use bits of it later somewhere and “recycle” it that way into another art work?! That might work. Still, I showed up and did the 5 minutes :).

And here is the video:

Hoping tomorrow will be better. I think I´m again just going to do something totally different. I am not good at repeating the same thing again and again, apparently :).

See you tomorrow,
xxx, Sanna


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