#tuac5minchallenge – Day 16

Hello and happy Monday! Whew, what a day this has been. Glad I could squeeze in the 5 mins to create and do the video… Therefore, just quickly sharing today´s The Ugly Art Club Day 16 #tuac5minchallenge:

And here is the video:

I did a random format again and also just concentrated on various media and random left over pieces that were on my table. I think it´s pure junk this time :). AND I love the colours on this piece! It´s slowly turning towards fall here and I tried to capture the summer feelings and colours on this one. I am not ready to let summer go. It was too short! I would need at least one more month for my spirit to gather some sunshine strength, but I cannot rule over the seasons, so I´m just left with colours from crayons here.. 😉

Have a good start into your new week!
xxx, Sanna


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