This and that & how I love this hobby!

Hi there! Today I feel like sharing some thoughts about my hobby with you. Many years ago, when I first discovered scrapbooking, I knew there would be no turning back. It was passion at first sight. Sure, my style and my way of scrapbooking have changed, but the passion for creating has always remained the same (or gotten deeper). I just cannot live without being creative and paper (..and stamps and stencils and pastes and ink etc…) is my thing.

I had been going thru my Flickr galleries today and looking back on what I have created so far. I remember, when I started scrapbooking, it´s only purpose for me was to gather the memories together and write the story behind the photos down. And it still is. Even though it is not just about the photos anymore, those still play a big part in my hobby. The photos I choose, the stories I tell with my layouts – they all get scrapped for a reason. I want to remember, I want to write them down, so that my kids and grandkids some day can see them too (I might need to add a date and a detail on some of the layouts distracted during the process and forgot to add those, oh so important details).

BUT there is also another part to this hobby – it´s about playing, exploring new techniques, new ways to use product, about being creative and learning. I never went to art school, never learned the rules of design, so I feel I am not in the position to say that what I make is art :). It´s a hobby I enjoy very, very much and thru doing it, I might learn a trick or two and some art rules along the way.

Sanna LippertThere was a time when I only did layouts, then there was a time when I made more cards than layouts, and there was a time I could not even imagine making canvases, ATC´s or art journal spreads and look where I am now. I find it interesting to try an off the page project. I enjoy trying out small jewellery projects – simple and easy ones. It is a wonderful world of creative possibilities and from time to time it´s nice to try out new things. And there is still so much that I´d like to give a try (and one is never done with learning!!). Good thing there are online lessons you can book and classes you can take part on.

Speaking of those, I booked myself in on the Wanderlust class for this year. So far I am very happy I did. It sparks my creativity, I learn new things and it inspires me in so many ways. Here are a few things I created based on that class so far:

Sanna Lippert Sanna LippertGood thing it is a self paced class, since I am already a bit bedind 😉 …Sanna LippertWhen I started this hobby, craft fairs were something I had heard of, but like another universe for me. And last year I had the opportunity to join in myself. I visited CHA for the very first time. I was so overwhelmed by all the impressions in there that it took me months to actually realize what I had seen and what an impact it had on me. I also had some of my work displayed there at The Crafter´s Workshop booth for the first time. It felt really unreal being displayed there amongst well known creative people! The small me amongst all the creative masterminds. A dream I never deared to dream suddenly came true!

This year I had the opportunity to send some of my work in again. It still feels so very unreal. I feel very humble and grateful that Canvas Corp Brands would consider displaying my work. Just take a look at this Canvas Corp Brands 2016 CHA booth. Isn´t it pretty? And somewhere there between all the gorgeous art pieces, you might even spot a piece or two created by me.

Canvas Corp Brands Canvas Corp BrandsCanvas Corp BrandsThe whole booth is just tru eye candy, isn´t it? If you are interested to see more details, check out this playlist on my YouTube channel.

Canvas Corp BrandsCanvas Corp BrandsCanvas Corp Brands Canvas Corp Brands Canvas Corp Brands Canvas Corp BrandsAnd then something else totally amazing happened! I was asked to demo at the Paperworld/Creativeworld in Frankfurt at the Elizabeth Craft Designs booth!! Now this is a HUGE fair!! It was my very first demo gig on a fair and what an amazing experience it was (more about that over here)!!

Then something about learning new tricks – thanks to Shannon, I´ve done a bit of learning and updated my YouTube channel. It has been really quiet over there during the past year and I am really motivated to be more active there in the future – thanks Shannon! Planning on doing videos in German, English and maybe a few even in Finnish again. Shannon has an amazing and very active channel, so make sure you check it out!

And one more thing (promise, this is the last one). Scrappy friends!! They are something really special! I´ve decided that this year will be an international scrappy friend year, as I´ve for sure met more of my special international scrappy friends this year, than I ever have before. And there is this one very special lady who came a looooooong way to meet me – Lizzy <3! Miss you already!!

Sanna LippertThere might be more meetings coming up, but I´ll tell about those in due course.

This is pretty much random happy stuff in random order, shared in one very long post – well done, if you made it to the end :). To put it in a nutshell: I love this hobby, my scrappy friends, the creating, the teaching, the interaction with like minded people! And I am feeling very thankful today for all the things I´ve been able to experience thru this hobby!

Happy National Scrapbooking Day lovelies!!!
xxx, Sanna

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  1. That was a really interesting read…. & I’m so with you – the memories are waaay important- but so too are the techniques & learning what different media can do! It was so incredible to spend time with you & the L family. Treasured memories indeedy !!! xxx

    • It was soooo great to meet – next time down under, eh? 🙂