#the100dayproject – days 96-100

Hello and happy Sunday! Today I´m shortly sharing the next faces of my personal #the100dayproject2021 challenge. Like mentioned before I drew a face a day on a pre-prepared, die cut tag. You can also see all the posts on my Instagram account (here), since I am now done with the drawing challenge. And you can also watch all the videos directly on my YouTube channel too (here).

Day 96

See the video here!

Day 97

See the video here!

Day 98

See the video here!

Day 99

See the video here!

Day 100

See the video here!

And these are the very last ones! The challenge was so amazing to do. I have been scared to try it for such a long time.. silly of me really! What could happen if I failed? NOTHING! And all in all, I learned quite a lot during the 100 days on how I´m capable of things if I just put my mind to it AND that I have persistency enough for such a challenge. Maybe it´s also because I picked a good theme that was easy to work with. I didn´t put myself too many restrictions either which made working easier. And I was enthusiastic also. Might make a big difference too.

I enjoyed the challenge very much. And I had a good time drawing these faces. I learned alot and am happy with the development I made. I am now more confident when it comes to painting faces on canvases or into my art journal. Why? Because I have done a few and at least know what feels easy to me. I don´t have to make perfect, realistic faces, I can do ones I feel happy and comfortable with. Faces that match my skill level (which is beginner!). And it´s OK that way.

I might just challenge myself do some other things soon again in a similar manner. Pick a theme and do like, 50 days or a month or so. Just have fun and concentrate on something that is of interest to me. Does not have to be drawing at all.

So from my point of view I can highly recommend this type of challenges. And so what, if you take longer than 100 days to finish the 100 day challenge. That is totally ok too. Whatever works for you. Remember, you set these goals yourself and for yourself (and no-one else).

Happy drawing,
xxx, Sanna


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