#the100dayproject – Days 81-85

Hello and happy Sunday! Today I´m shortly sharing the next faces of my personal #the100dayproject2021 challenge. Like mentioned before I drew a face a day on a pre-prepared, die cut tag. You can also see all the posts on my Instagram account (here), since I am now done with the drawing challenge. And you can also watch all the videos directly on my YouTube channel too (here).

Day 81

See the video here!

Day 82

See the video here!

Day 83

See the video here!

Day 84

See the video here!

Day 85

See the video here!

So for this set I went back to themes I had already done, like the one-line-face on the very top. Or a pop-art-face on the very bottom (due to public demand) and I also drew a boy who ended up looking like the indios in Amazonas region. At least I see him that way. Then I had wanted to draw the Queeon of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland for a while now and the blue tag was perfect for that purpose. So this was my take on her. And one face is totally monochromatic which I did on purpose, but I tried another angle and that was harder than I thought. In the end my son said it reminded him of the Titans at Attach on Titan anime, so I was ok with the proportions *LOL*.

Happy drawing,
xxx, Sanna


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