#the100dayproject – Days 61-65

Hello and happy Sunday! Today I´m shortly sharing the next faces of my personal #the100dayproject2021 challenge. Like mentioned before I´m drawing a face a day on a pre-prepared, die cut tag. If you want to follow me face drawing journey „live“, you should follow my Instagram account (here). And you can also watch the videos directly on my YouTube channel (here).

Day 61

See the video here!

Day 62

See the video here!

Day 63

See the video here!

Day 64

See the video here!

Day 65

See the video here!

There was a point in drawing these faces when I felt in the „zone“. It might not be perfect, what I drew, but it felt natural and good. I no longer was scared of the process and didn´t worry much about the result, I just drew. One day after another. And I started to notice development in my drawings. Some things had gotten easier to draw. Adding shadows was not so scary anymore. Development, even if small :)!

Happy drawing,
xxx, Sanna


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