#the100dayproject – Days 56-60

Hello and happy Sunday! Today I´m shortly sharing the next faces of my personal #the100dayproject2021 challenge. Like mentioned before I´m drawing a face a day on a pre-prepared, die cut tag. If you want to follow me face drawing journey „live“, you should follow my Instagram account (here). And you can also watch the videos directly on my YouTube channel (here).

Day 56

See the video here!

Day 57

See the video here!

Day 58

See the video here!

Day 59

See the video here!

Day 60

See the video here!

My take on face drawing is an artsy, abstract one. I am not trying to learn how to draw realistic faces, because at the moment a) it is not my interest and b) I don´t think I am very good at that type of drawings. But this type of mixed media face drawing just interests me very much and I also enjoy it a lot!

This was another fave set. I loved drawing the “sailor theme” very much. They were lot´s of fun. The second tag was a bit tricky, becaues I had added texture paste (Nuvo Mousse) onto the tag for decor. Well, it is kinda hard drawing a face on those areas, thus I ended up making tiny faces here and there. A little different take than the other ones. But oh well, the goal was to do faces, so I still kept to my theme :).

So be sure to come back to take a look of the next 5 :). I wish you all a wonderful new week!!!

Happy drawing,
xxx, Sanna


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