Changes are coming AJ page

Hello lovelies and happy Wednesday! While recovering from my knee surgery during the past weeks, life has been somewhat a rollercoaster ride, and I really haven´t been able to do crafting as much as I would have loved to do, due to mobility and other health issues, which I never thought to be so exhausting and also frustrating.

Art journaling from time to time has given me a media to process all the things that have happened during this process of healing and keeping a journal has been one of the only ways to actually craft at the moment. So it´s kept me sane in a way.

Here is one of my recent ones:

I don´t need much for such a page. Just some watercolors and pens and some random bits and pieces. Easy to do and still a way to get some of my feeling and/or thoughts on paper.

This last one “changes are coming” is a posivite note. Yes, I´ve been thru alot the past weeks and yes, it was tough at times, but eventually, I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel and the changes happening from now on will be chanelled towards positive changes. So here´s to a start of a new path for me :).

Happy crafting,
xxx, Sanna


Diamond with a Flaw – AJ page

Hello everyone and happy Monday! Today I´m sharing yet another art journal page with you. This time created almost solely with watercolors. I have been in a mood for creating faces into my art journal for a while now and today, finally, I brought enough courage together to try one out. And I am joining this challenge over at STAMPlorations blog with my page too:

Here is what I created:

I have plenty of watercolor layers on this page that I built up bit by bit. I started with light colours, then gradually moved towards stronger ones. Then I doodled the face very freely with Posca pens onto the page and then went from there to add even stronger color shades to create all the details, like the hair, eyes, eyebrows an the lips.

For finishing details I´ve doodled with white and black Posca marker here and there. Everything else is done with watercolors. Even the stenciling (done with one of my stencils – Rag Rug – for STAMPlorations)!!! For a fun detail I wanted to add a bold quote that I found to fit the girls face – the wonky nose and eyes really reflects the quote and vice versa.

So this is my take for the STAMPlorations watercolor challenge in July. I love how this page turned out and I had a blast creating it.

Happy crafting,
xxx, Sanna


Art journal page

Hi there lovelies and happy weekend! Wishing yours filled with lots of sunshine, swimming, fun times with the loved ones and also some crafty time :). I am dropping by to share another art journal page with you today – something totally random, very colorful and done out of a momentary feeling which led to these results:

I´ve added lots of bits from magazines and newspapers to this page. Just fun colorful things here and there.

On the bottom I´ve used my Molecules stencil and some yellow acrylic paint. Everyting else is just paper layers. Some are colored with watercolors to make them stand out more. For finishing touches I added some Posca pen decorations, some white gesso and random rub-on residue bits. I love working in my art journal lately and I´m trying not to thing much when I start – not over-analyzing anything, just letting the feeling carry my forward. Feels good to just let things happen on their own. Messy fun!

See you soon again,
xxx, Sanna


More Ideas Than Time – Art Journal Page

Hello everyone and happy Wednesday!!! Can´t beliebe it´s July already. We have been enjoying VERY warm weather here in Austria the past few weeks and its not the best of weather for a knee in lot´s of quite sleepless nights behind me. Therefore I have been trying to cope with the pains by art journaling… Hoping also this phase will pass.

So here is the latest creation:

I did  some collaging on this one and cut pieces from newspapers and jewellery advertisements for example, to use on this page. There is also some stenciling (by stencil line by STAMPlorations) on the page.

And I also added some stamping (the eye).  Highlights were added with watercolours and Posca pens.

On the background you can see some very light stenciling as I wiped thru the stencil with some Nuvo Mousse. I also matted the page with bright yellow acrylic paint before doing everything else.

I had so much fun with this page!!! Definitely going to do this type of pages more in the future. I think I am hooked ;-)…

Happy crafting,
xxx, Sanna


A Moment Art Journal Spread

Hello everyone and happy Thursday!!! I´m continuing with some art journal madness today again. It feels comfortable creating in my art journal at the moment, so I am sticking to it. Today, be prepared for another crazy colorful take:

Boom! How´s that for color?! This page started off with a mineral water bottle I got from my son featuring an artsy label on it. He had saved the bottle because he thought I might love it :). How well does he know me, huh?

Well I certainly loved the images on the bottle label, so I fussy cut them out and used them on this spread.

But first, I ceated a base for the spread. I used Magenta and Lemon Yellow paints with my Evolution stencil. I added some newspaper strips here and there, accompanied by washi tape strips and black pen and pencil marks.
Then for the next layer I added some turquoise acrylic paint – again using the Evolution stencil with it. Then I took a Carabelle Studio eye stamp (love this one!) and added random stamp images across the page.
For the next layer I adhered the fussy cut bottle label images onto the page, next adding some watercolor paint and blue Nuvo embellishment mousse to any white areas and colored the stamped eyes with watercolor paints also. I doodled some random patterns here and there with Posca pens, also outlining the faces with the same pens.

Then I wrote a quote with Posca pens to finish off the pages. Here are some detail shots of the pages:

Lots of layers on these pages :). I love creating this color explosion!!! That´s it for today, lovelies!

Wishing you a great end of the week, take care,