DIY “Vintage” Labels – Dani Peuss

Hello lovelies and welcome back! Today I am sharing a quick idea I recently had when I organized my Klartext stamps. I am sure, other peeps have had this idea at some point too, and it might not be that “new”, but since I was so excited about it, I am going to share it here for you to enjoy too:

You will need a label stamp set, like this one and red, black/blue, brown stamp inks from your stash. You could take a kraft cardstock or if you prefer the labels in lighter tone white/cream/vanilla toned cardstock.

And here is how to make them (it is a no-brainer, but I still wanted to share, because I was excited about it):

Pretty easy, right? If you want to make the labels look more used, just grab a brown toned Distress Ink of your preferance and add some ink with a blending tool here and there to create a more “used” look.

Hope you like the idea! See you soon again,
xxx, Sanna


Big Plans Minialbum – Dani Peuss Februar 2022 Scrapbook Kit

Hallo ihr Lieben! (*for English just hit the translate button on the right side bar*) Heute möchte ich Euch ein Projekt zeigen, das mit dem Dani Peuss Februar Kit gestaltet habe. Und zwar habe ich ein kleines Minialbum mit den “Good Stuff” Papieren und Sticker dekoriert.

Wie das ganze geht, könnt ihr in den folgenden Punkten sehen:

Das hier war mein Anfangspunkt – ein altes Maya Road Minibook in einer Hülle (oder eher Schachtel).

Ich habe zuerst das Cover (bzw. die Schachtel) mit Distress Paint Spun Sugar behandelt. Es sind 2 Schichten Farbe drauf. Ich habe übrigend nicht zuest mit Grundweiss gearbeitet, sondern die Farbe direkt aufgetragen. Dann einfach ordentlich trocknen lassen. Diese Farbe passt so gut mit dem Februar Kit zusammen, deswegen habe ich sie ausgesucht.

Auf die Innenseiten habe ich diese Journaling-Cards aufgeklebt und die Ecken immer mit einem Schleifblock geschliffen. Ich mag dieses Zuckersüße Farbschema des Albums schon jetzt :).

Die Ränder der Albumseiten habe ich übrigens auch mit “Spun Sugar” behandelt. Ich wollte die Farbe der Pappe einfach nicht sichtbar lassen.

Danac ging es an die Dekoration. Auf den Seiten ahbe ich Sticker aus dem Stickerbuch aufgeklebt und auch hie und da Ephemera aus dem Kit verwendet. Die Fotos habe ich mit meinem Canon Selphy in Passfoto-Format ausgedruckt, damit sie auf die Seiten passen (die sind ja ziemlich klein).

Dazu kamen dann die genialen “Entscheidungen” (Nr. 1263) Klartext-Stempelabdrücke. Ich finde, dass sie perfekt zum Thema passen. Auch die Journaling-Karten sind sowas von passend! Ich habe nämlich ein “Room Makeover”-Thema für das Album ausgewählt und die Banner mit “Yes/No/Maybe” passen auch einfach wie “die Faust aufs Auge” ;-).

Und weil man nie zu viele Fotos von Minialben haben kann – hier noch ein Paar :). Und warum es (NOCH) kein Journaling auf den Seiten gibt? Ich möchte die Geschichte nur für uns festhalten – mein Sohn ist mir da sicher auch nicht böse. Das mache ich also immer nachher – ich hoffe, ihr habt dafür Verständnis.

Ein kurzes “Flip-Thru”-Video habe ich auch für Euch aufgenommen. Ich hoffe das Video gefällt euch! Und vor allem, dass ihr Inspirationen für das Februar-Kit in diesem Projekt findet. Vllt. gibt es ja auch bei Euch das eine oder endere Projekt, das in so ein Minibook einziehen möchte :).

Ich wünsche euch viel Spass beim Schauen und Nachmachen!!
xxx, Sanna


#tuac5minchallenge – Day 6

Hello and happy Friday!! Another challenge share for today. This is my take on DAY 6. I had a fun time doing this, the wax seal took most of the time though 😉

I again recorded a short video , where you can watch the short process. I am thinking on changing the format. Might just do random bits next… We´ll see.

See you again tomorrow with another take! See you then!
xxx, Sanna


March project wrap-up – The Wild Hare Kits

Hello everyone and happy last day of March. How is your social distancing going? It´s now been two weeks and two days here in Austria and we are adjusting to the new situation. I noticed, that watching the news just grows anxiety and causes small panic attacts, so I keep myself from watching the daily reporting at the moment.

But now something more relaxing and fun – my March The Wild Hare Kits project wrap-up video. Hope you like it:

This month my March kit did not arrive in time, as it accidentally ended up going to Australia (Austria <-> Australia) and it took almost a month for it to finally arrive to me (which was on 26th of March). So I could not create with a “new” kit. But instead came up with plan “B” and pulled all the previous leftover kits together and scrapped my March projects with those.

And it was so MUCH FUN! The kits are big and there was still so much product left, so I could have created even more, but as I had a cruciate replacement surgery on my right knee Mid March, I only managed to create 3 layouts. Better than nothing, huh?

I´m really happy with all 3 layouts and challenging oneself with the leftover kits so also very much fun. If you haven´t tried it yet, I strongly recommend you do! You´ll be surprised how well all the leftovers work together and how much you can still create!!

Wishing you all a lovely day, even though we are all social distancing. But we crafters are familiar with this, right? So we can do this!!

Stay home and stay healthy!
xxx, Sanna


Erosion bundle collaboration

Hello there! Last summer I joined a collaboration with a bunch of crafty friends to create erosion bundles. What are they, you ask? They are bundles of fabric, paper, bits and pieces you gather together from what you have at home and add all kinds of elements to the bundle that you think might erose and add “erosional details” to the materials. So people put in thigs that develop rust and stains of all kinds.

So last July I gathered all kinds of bits and pieces together and made bundles out of them. I didn´t give the whole process that much thought, as I figured the weather and seasons around my area would take care of the rest. So I hung 2 bundles on our patio to get their portion of sunshine, rain, hail and cold on them and just waited 6 months. One last bundle I layed onto the ground (into a flower bed in our garden). Here is how they looked like when I started:

I wrapped lots of paper, music note paper, a notebook, metal pieces, wood veneer, ribbons and twine and so on in layers inside the bundles and wrapped pieces of the white Ikea curtain around the on top. Then I made tight bundles out of them to stand the tooth of time and weather and just waited.

Finally, end of January I opened the bundles and to my disappointment, there was not much going on in the bundles other than mold. So my first experiment really didn´t bring the results I was expecting to get. I recorded videos of the bundle opening process, for you to see how much “erosion” 6 months in my region created. Here they are:

and the second one with the last two bundles:

And this is all I got out of the bundles to be used on projects:

I had to throw away most of the stuff, due to heavy molding, I don´t want to rist anything, since mold is quite unhealthy ;-). BUT, even though I didn´t get the results I wanted to have, I learned a lot from my mistakes. Besides, the bundle creating and opening after a long time is so much fun! I will definitely make new ones. I just need to wait a bit, since currently it is too cold here to dig the bundles in our garden (everythings frozen :-)…). See, I figured, if I bury them in dirt, I might get better results than when I just hang them outside. And I will be adding more bits with rust to them next time, also adding all kinds of things that create natural stains/dye effects. I had too little of those inside this time round. My collaboration partnes had much more luck here! Go and see their blog posts and results – start from here.

Finally, I used the bits and bobs I could save (at least most of them) for these 3 ATCs:

It´s all product from the bundles, except for the red thread, the brads and the word stickers. Those I added to finish the artist trading cards. This was still so much fun and I am so thankfull for having a crafty friend who always pushes me towards new areas of creativity and challenges me to experiment and develop and keeps me inspired! Thank you Tina, for organizing this collaboration, even though it was not a great success for me, I really, really enjoyed being part of it!

Happy crafting,
xxx, Sanna