#tuac5minchallenge – Day 17

Hello and happy Tuesday! Today´s #tuac5minchallege take is already Day 17. I cannot believe I did art already 17 days in a row for 5 minutes a day!!! Today´s one is truly an ugly art piece :)….

I was so in love with yesterday´s colours that I wanted to do similar tones today too. Well, and then it didn´t just work out as it imagined. It turned out all wonky and strange and I don´t like it that much. But it´s okay. I did it in 5 minutes – well, to be honest, I cheated a bit, because time went way too fast and I could not add all the bits I had wanted to do. So I decided to cheat just a little and add the eye fussy cut pieces AFTER the 5 minutes had run out. Oh well, not all days are the same and sometimes things work out and sometimes not.

I don´t like this piece so much, but I might just use bits of it later somewhere and “recycle” it that way into another art work?! That might work. Still, I showed up and did the 5 minutes :).

And here is the video:

Hoping tomorrow will be better. I think I´m again just going to do something totally different. I am not good at repeating the same thing again and again, apparently :).

See you tomorrow,
xxx, Sanna


Celebrate shaker card – Elizabeth Craft Designs

Hello everyone! I experimented with a shaker card idea recently. For this card I combined the Basic Rectangle dies with the Flower Burst Background die by Elizabeth Craft Designs – creating a “shaker window with a pattern”.

I die cut several layers of frames first and then did one background die pattern from the same paper. All the steps are in the video, so for details, check it out at the end of this post :).

And for fillings behind the acetate layer I added plenty of confetti in various tones. I figured, this could be a Christmas card, because of the colours. And everyone loves a little confetti for a festive season (at least in a sealed environment, like inside a card :)…).

I love using the Elizabeth Craft Designs background dies so much. Joset does a great job designing them. And confetti can also be my friend, if it is not flying around everywhere, but instead closed safely inside a card :). So I´ve also officially started my Christmas card production of 2020 with this card then – it´s about time, it´s already mid October!!

Have a great weekend and happy crafting!
xxx, Sanna


Schulball ´19 – The Wild Hare Kits

Hi everyone, today I´m sharing my first The Wild Hare Kits layout, created with the February Petite Kit. For this layout I recorded a start-to-finish video and based my page on the monthly sketch.

Here is the sketch:

and this is what my finished layout looks like:

I´ve drawn quite a few embellishments and paper leftover pieces from my August ´19 and January ´20 kits as an addition to the February kit, because I didn´t have very many embellishments in my Petite Kit. Therefore plenty of papers! Sooo, I am pulling leftovers from previous kits to my actual kit throughout the month. And it´s funny how everything still works so well together!!

For the step-by-step I´ve this time kept the video in it´s true length, so you can see how much time such a layout takes and how many times I go on pulling away and adding to the page and seaching for the right spot :). So in all, this page took about an hour to make. I could do a fast forward, but I thought it would be fun to show you the whole, true process of a page coming together. At least, how I do it.

I hope you enjoy watching the video and get inspired to try out this sketch youself! I love the grip pattern!!! And if you got interested in trying out a Wild Hare Kit youself, then go here and fill in your style profile.

See you again on Sunday with another The Wild Hare Kits project!!
xxx, Sanna