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Hi there! There is one more hybrid layout I need to share with you! I created this one with the “Passion Play” digi kit (designed by The Nifty Pixel). I again first combined various kit pieces and created my very own background paper with them (done in a similar way like this layout here).

Next I went and printed that design of my own and then started adding little hybrid bits and pieces from the kit onto the background paper, then added photos and some “real” embellishments to go with it all.

See, I´ve only recently realized that I can also RESIZE the digital design elements to fit my background in the way I want to. I know, this should be something very obvious, but as a non-digital scrapper, you just don´t think about such things as resizing and fading etc. immediately. So you can find both resized and faded added elements/details on this background. And what fun it can be!!! I love the fact that I can go and do all kinds of additions to my paper-to-be and first then print it, when I am happy with the result I´ve created.

(see how I´ve layered the bits and pieces here and there. They even partly “go over the edge” of the paper which I don´t mind at all as I am going to trim the paper into a right size after printing anyways. In fact, I´ve even used parts of the “over the edge” areas for punching the butterflies and adding fussy cut journaling pieces over the photos. Nothing goes to waste and it doesn´t always have to be neat and clean..there can be color outside the lines and it can be used for another purpose 🙂 :)…)

That truly is one of the joys of playing with digital and hybrid! And yes I know that my ideas are far from mind-blowing, but they are “new” to me and I enjoy them very much! I strongly recommend you get yourself a digi kit and start playing!!! And you learn as you go, you don´t have to know it all in the beginning! Here is a peek on the “Passion Play” kit:

You can get all these designs from the DigiChick site!

Oh, and this page is about my personal passion – creating with my hands, playing with paper, media and all kinds of fun stuff!

Happy creating,
xxx, Sanna