ATC Tutorial – Canvas Corp Brands

Hi there! A while back I posted these ATC´s and promised to share the step-by-step with you. Well, here is how I created them:

Sanna LIppertFor this project I used a  light pink & a light purple Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist, a 7gypsies stamp and some black Glimmer Glaze.

Sanna LippertI started with a piece of white cardstock that I had first pressed an inked The Crafter´s Workshop stencil onto and then cut the paper into ATC sized (3.5″ x 2.5″) pieces. Well, actually the inked ones were just a little bit smaller, because I had used pink cardstock to mat them onto. So the pink cardstock had the true ATC size.

Sanna LippertI then went along and stamped a sentiment from the 7gypsies stamp with black ink onto each stenciled piece. Next I added a piece of twine and used a stapler to attach it to the ATC´s.

Sanna LippertAfter that I added black Glimmer Glaze splodges here and there very freely, followed with light pink and light purple Glimmer Mist ones.

Sanna Lippert I then punched some Martha Stewart butterflies from a dark pink cardstock as decoration, adhered with with paper glue onto the surface, outlined the stenciled paper (& the butterflies) with a black pen and fussy cut sentiments from this Tattered Tangles paper for each ATC.

Sanna LippertSanna LippertThis is how the finished ATC cards looked like! There was yet another card for the October Breast Cancer Awareness theme that I created. It is a fairly easy one to do. I just fussy cut a sentiment from this Tattered Tangles paper, misted it with light pink Glimmer Mist,

Sanna Lippertthen cut the „black and kraft, live, laugh, love“ paper into right size, stapled a piece of pink cord onto it and finally adhered the paper onto a white card base. Fast and easy!

I still have a few unshared projects up my sleeve, so hope you come back to take a look what I have been upto :).

Have a great day,
xxx, Sanna

Beach time – Canvas Corp Brands

Hi there! I scrapped again – this time in A4 format. I just love this format!!! It is perfect for smaller photos and/or a one photo layout. I wanted to leave lots of empty space on this layout and clustering everything around the single photo. I´ve actually used only a few elements on this page – there a quite a few tags from the „Get Away“ tag set and then just a few bits and pieces of paper/burlap to go with those. The tag set is such a fun one to use. The tags have perfect sayings/words on them that kind of form the journaling of the page.

I´ve added those tags around the photo, then cut a strip of the star paper and a piece from a Tattered Tangles paper to go with the tags. A small piece of burlap had the perfect color to go with the beach themed photo and then just a few random splodges and splatters of Glimmer Mist to combine everything together and the layout is almost done.

I´ve colored the Tattered Tangles piece with the same Glimmer Mist tones as I have used on the background. This way everything works well together.

Next I just added some travel themed metal embellishments and a few additional splatters of black Glimmer Glaze here and there. Some faux stitching around the edges and my clean & simple beach themed layout was done.

If you would like to go shopping, here are a few direct links to the products I´ve used on this layout: Cardstock, star paper, Tattered Tangles paper, Get Away Tags, Burlap, Patina Glimmer Mist, Glimmer Glaze.

Wishing you lovelies a gorgeous day – have fun scrapping!!!
xxx, Sanna

Be silly – Canvas Corp Brands

Remember the tangled greeting cards I shared with you a few days back? Well, I also made a second project (this time a layout) with the Tattered Tangles papers. And as promised, I am sharing it today with you – including a little step-by-step:

This was my starting point: a paper sheet of pre-made tangles in black&white and a piece of white cardstock and one photo, a black Sharpie and scissors. Not much, right?

The idea behind the Tattered Tangles papers is to provide crafters with pre-made designs to serve either as a starting point or as a background to work on. You can use spray ink, crayons, color pencils, markers, stains, watercolours and stamp ink on them to name a few. You could either just colour the images and use them as they are or add additional detail by doodling on them. Or you could use single strips/pieces (like I did on my layout) as a starting point.

Sometimes it is hard to draw the first line on a plain piece of paper and that is what these papers are designed for. I find the idea great as it was quite a lot of fun to continue designing Zentangles (read more about those here!) onto the layout background based on a pre-made strip.

As you can see in this photo, I´ve chosen two strips as my starting point. I glued those pieces overlappingly onto the upper part of the layout and then drew some swirls with a pencil onto the background. These swirls work as a border for the area where my Zentangles will be. I then drew some lines inside the swirled areas to divede the area into several smaller parts. That way it is easier to start designing/drawing the patterns.

Here you can see how I proceeded. I really did not have a special pattern in mind when I started, I just let my feelings guide the pen and this is what I ended up drawing.

Finally, here is the finished black and white background. I used a black Sharpie for drawing as I wanted the black colour to be waterproof, since I was going to colour some areas later. I´ve also added some outlining to go with the Zentangles.

After finishing the backgound pattern, I wanted to add hints of colour here and there and did so by applying some Glimmer Glaze (pink, purple and yellow) here and there. Since the black and white pattern was very bold on its own, I only added lighter colours and only a little here and there.

Here is a detail shot of the coloured parts. Here you can also see that I´ve continued detailing the pre-made desings by adding some more pattern to them. There are also some glitter glue details here and there, but only just a few.

After finishing the background I glued the photo down onto the layout using 3D foam pads. That way the photo stands out a little bit from the background. Since the background is very vivid and bold, I felt that I didn´t need that much decoration to go with it, so I only just added a few chipboard butterflies which I coloured using a paint brush and some green Glimmer Mist. I also added some glitter glue onto the butterflies to give them additional shine.

Then just a few lines journaling written on small watercolour paper strips and

a title consisting of a sentiment. The purple alpha stickers match the colours of the background, but are not too bold. And I just could not help myself and had to add a few black Glimmer Glaze splodges here and there for additional detail. What can I say, I love to use black Glimmer Glaze :-)!!!

Basically, this is a really simple-to-do layout. It just takes a while to do all the „zentangling“. I definitely recommend you give this a try. It is quite a lot of fun and you will always end up with a different, totally uniqu background!!! AND it is very, very relaxing and liberating too! So now it´s your turn to get into some Zentangling – and if you are afraid to try on your own, use the pre-made Tattered Tangles (here is link to the store ;-)…) as a starting point! Nothing easier than that!!! And ENJOY!!!!

xxx, Sanna

Tangled greetings – Canvas Corp Brands

Hi there and happy Friday! We have gorgeous sunshine here today and I´m really enjoying the rays of sun – funny, how they immediately bring a smile on my face!! So it´s end of February already. My month was full of ups and downs and I will share more about it in due course, when the time is right. Don´t worry, nothing like I´m seriously ill or something, just normal ups and downs life sometimes throws on our paths to see if we can cope with them and maybe also to learn us to cherish the days more when there are no obstacles on our way. I´ve been told, it´s going to be all good and something better always evolves from change, but I´m afraid you see these things first afterwards and I´m not quite there yet, so cannot quite see it yet ;-).

So instead I´m going to enjoy the sunshine and the gorgeous weather today. Boy have I missed the sun!!! :). And now for the most important part – a few cards!

I made these with various Canvas Corp Brands products. Mainly used the Tattered Tangles papers and some Tattered Angels mists. Can´t go wrong with those, right? 🙂 So what´s Tattered Tangles then, you are probaby thinking. They are pre-made papers with all kids of zentangles on them (here is a link for you to see what Zentangles is all about). Canvas Corp. has all kinds of pre-made papers in this style. The idea is to use them as they are or as a base for further „zentangling“. Sometimes it´s hard to draw the first line on white paper and these papers will help you start :). Then there are papers that have motives on them, like presents. I´ve used those on my cards. You could either decorate them a little bit more (= add more zentangles) or leave them as they are and give them a touch of color instead. That is what I´ve done on these cards. I just colored them with alcohol markers. Really easy to do and the paper absorbs other colors too. You could use mists, glazes, crayons and regular coloring pens even. I wanted to get a strong color so I chose alcohol markers.

For the background I´ve added a piece of watercolor paper which I sprayed with similar tones of Glimmer Mist. That way both the present image and the background go nicely together. The background is really easy to do, just spray some color onto the background, use a heat gun to dry it and if preferred add some more color and heat dry again.

After coloring the present images and creating the background I just glued everything on their places. I used 3D foam pads to glue down the presents. That way they stand out a little bit. I´ve also added a slight layer of glitter glue on the bow to give it a touch of sparkle.

Finally I just used some hand carved stamps (made by a lovely friend of mine – thank you!) to stamp the black dye ink sentiment on the cards. I find the the style of the stamps goes really well with the tangled papers. That´s it, the cards are all done. This is really easy and fast to do – and fun – so I hope you give these papers a try! There will be another project coming up soon, same kind of papers, but totally different direction – can´t wait to share it with you as I had so much fun making it! 🙂

Ok, I´m off now. Wishing you all a lovely, sunshine filled weekend!!!
xxx, Sanna