Daily Art Practice – Day 25

Happy Wednesday! Today´ s page is again in brown tones due to the almanac pages colours. I simply cut off a piece of the white paper I am working on (and always wiping residue media into..) and added that to the background with the almanac page.

Some leftover book pages and gesso on top. Then a fussy cut vintage photo (how cool does he look?!) and a stamped Denglisch sentiment. That´ s pretty much it. And the video is here:

Also some detail photos, as always:

The Denglisch sentiment translates to: “For God´ s sake!”. I really like how this page looks like. Just the way he looks already makes me smile ;-).

Hope your day was a good one! Take care, xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 20

Hello and happy Friday! It´ s snowing and the weather is really stormy outside right now, so it´ s nice to be indoors and drink some tea and just relax. Today´ s page, without further ado:

And the video for you to watch:

and some detail photos:

Oh, and the translation of this Denglisch text: “No offence”.
Keeping these posts short now – for details, see the video :). I figured it will be hard to do 365 videos (one per day) on the long run, and it is quite hard. So I am not going to do lot´ s of writing on these posts anymore – simply to save some time! See you tomorrow,
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 19

Hello and happy Thursday! Today´ s art practice piece is a little hot mess of Gloss Sprays on the background and some hand drawn alphas.

I went a bit crazy with the background this time .. LOL! And there is not much to be seen from the almanac page, since I drew alphas with a thick Posca on it. But I had a great time creating and that is the point of these practices.

Today´ s Denglisch sentiment translates to: “So, that´ ll do” / “that´ s enough”. And now some more photos:

That is again all for today – see you tomorrow with another piece! I have been holding up quite good until now – a piece a day. I am not sure how I can manage 365 days in a row – there will be days I just cannot create – so what to do? I think I will just think about that when I am confronted with such a situation and not worry about it beforehand :).

See you tomorrow!!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 17

Hello and happy Tuesday! Here is another daily art practice page without any further ado. You already know what these are about, so I am just sharing the video and the photos today:

May I just say here that I love the Dina Wakley Gloss Sprays and I love the colours on today´ s almanac page. I really enjoyed doing this so very much!

Oh, and this sentiment means something like: now we are in a fine mess. And now some detail shots here:

See you again tomorrow with yet another page!
Take care, xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – Day 16

Hello and happy Monday! The page of my Daily Art Practice 2022 w/ the Artist Almanac is live again. Today I cut the full page into two smaller pages, so one page fits not only 2 days, but four. And it is nice to do smaller formats in between days.

Now anyone who follows Nat knows her townscapes. I just didn´ t have the heart to cut this one into pieces, so I just did something you learn at school: I continued the scenery and added the full piece into the middle. And it was FUN!

Here are some detail photos, too:

I really like how this one turned out – I obviously didn´ t invent anything on this page myself, it´ s just the piece continued in the best way I could. And I love the colours on this one so much too. Thanks for a gorgeous, inspring almanac page Nat!!!

And here is the Denglisch translation again: Such a dump / such a pop stand.

And we will see each other hopefully tomorrow again!
Take care, xxx, Sanna