Altered Christmas tree bauble – Ornament No.: 6

Today I will share my sixth and final altered Christmas tree bauble with you:

Sanna LippertStarting point again the same – cover the decoupage bauble with white gesso.

Sanna Lippert Take some lace ribbon, leftover chipboard pieces and some wooden pearls and layer them onto the bauble surface. For adhering I used a regular paper glue. Next cover the whole surface with a layer of gesso. Make sure you get all corners and edges covered. Let dry properly.

Sanna LippertThen place the ornament into a cardboard box for misting. Add several layers of spray ink. I used the Tattered Angels Plain Jane Simply Sheer Matte Mist tone Red Rose. In between layers I always let the surface air dry properly.

Sanna LippertFor the next step I used the High Impact Metallic White paint from Tattered Angels and applied paint droplets on the upper part of the ornament. To keep the paint from dropping all the way down used a heat gun to heat set the paint and keep it from dropping freely. This needs a little patience as you will need to “create” one droplet at a time and heat set each one separately. But that way the droplets will have a more controlled form.

Sanna LippertFor final touches I again added some shabby white embossing enamel from Stampendous. Here again, like on the second bauble, I applied little areas at once, heat set those and then continued with the next area. Make sure you take enough distance in the beginning to “warm” the enamel up and first then get close to it with the heat gun. This way it will not blow around, but stick right into the place it was supposed to be on. Finalize the bauble by adding half pearls here and there.

So this were all six altered ornaments I created for this Christmas. They will perfectly match our red and white tree theme and the good thing about these is that they will not break when they accidentally fall onto the floor :).

Like promised, here is the full set of ornaments.

Sanna LippertSanna LippertNumber one:

Sanna LippertNumber two:

Sanna LippertNumber three:

Sanna LippertNumber four:

Sanna LippertNumber five:

Sanna Lippertannddd… Number six:

Sanna LippertI hope you have enjoyed reading these little step-by-step tutorials. If you have been creating your own baubles, leave me a link to this post, I´d like to come and take a look and leave you some love!

Happy crafting,
xxx, Sanna

Designer inspired – Canvas Corp Brands

Hello there and happy weekend, everyone!!! Where do you get your inspiration for a project? I get inspired by various things I see, like magazines, paintings, nature, photos, even everyday objects like buildings. We were asked to think about a “designer inspired” project for a Canvas Corp. Crew challenge and I must admit, the minute I read the task, I knew where I would go for my inspiration :). I am a girl who loves colors. I mean, I admire those simple, pastellic and white soft layouts that are out there, but I somehow never manage to create such. I usually go for color. And when speaking of color, there is one Finnish company that knows their way around bold colors and patterns. They are called Marimekko. I am sure you have heard of them :). If not, here is a link to their website

They have some very cool fabric patterns out on the market, as well as fun and bold clothing, bags and home articles. Their latest collection has some really fun fabric designs and as soon as I saw this dress, I knew I wanted to use the pattern as an inspiration for a card background. It has those nice color splatters as well as the kind of watercolor effect on it.

And these two cards were inspired by the above dress. The designer behind the dress is Aino-Maija Metsola.  So how did I create this card background then? I took a piece of watercolor paper and the Plain Jane Baseboard paints. I first sprayed the background with water, then dabbed a paintbrush into the yellow/blue spray ink color and drew random lines with the paintbrush. When that layer was dry, I just again gathered some color with the paintbrush from the ink bottle and then dabbed random splatters onto the background. After that I added the embellishments and a stamped sentiment (stamped with this 7gypsies stamp).

I really like the yellow color, but the effect on the blue card turned out even better, so that was my favorite with this technique in the end. And I also colored the lace ribbon with some blue toned spray inks too, so they better match the background. Here I again used this 7gypsies stamp for the sentiment. And in the end also added some Glimmer Glaze splatters onto the surface for additional decoration.

And then I saw this dress on the Marimekko website. What fun colors and patterns there! Just perfect inspiration for a card background too. This dress is designed by Piia Rinne. I used this idea for the next two cards I made.

On the first one I used the same background technique like on the first cards shown previously, but added various colors. All colors I used are from the Plain Jane Baseboard line. After that layer was dry, I grabbed a The Crafter´s Workshop stencil and added some texture paste onto the background thru it. Then I added some black Glimmer Glaze splatters and a stamped sentiment (with this stamp).

For the second card I just used a dry paint brush with the Baseboard ink and drew wavy lines. In between the colors I always let the layer dry properly to keep the lines from mixing together. When the background was done, I again used the TCW stencil with texture paste to add some dots over the first layer. I then added some blue Glimmer Glaze splatters and finally stamped a sentiment and added the embellishments in the middle.

And then I saw the next dress, also designed by Piia Rinne. I just love these patterns and colors!!! And there are so many more to get inspired by when you visit the website.

Here is first sprayed water mist onto a piece of white watercolor paper until it was quite damp. I then took a dry paintbrush and dabbed it into a spray ink bottle until it was soaked with that particular color. I then just held the damp paintbrush over the paper and let color drop down from it. When it touched the paper surface it started to freely spread around and form random patterns. After one color I went over to the next one and so on until the background was full of ink/paint. Then I just added black Glimmer Glaze splatters, a stamped sentiment and the embellishments and the card was done.

Here are a few step-by-step photos about the various processes starting with the materials:

Here I have added some purple ink onto the damp background. I love to watch the color spread around freely and form totally random patterns.

On the left side card I´ve drawn lines onto the damp paper and let the color spread on it´s own. On the right side the colors were dropped from above and formed splatters which then spreaded on the paper on their own. Same idea, but a totally different look.

And here a photo of the same finished card backgrounds.

And a close-up :).

Then one of my fave products, the Glimmer Glaze paint line. I love adding shiny splodges onto my projects :).

and here a look of the card backgrounds I created, before glueing them onto the card bases.

I sure had a lot of fun with this “Designer Inspired” challenge. Now make sure you hop over to the Canvas Corp. Blog to see what my design team colleagues have created. There are some really great projects up on their blog to get inspired by. I hope you will also get inspired to take a second look on your fave designers work and maybe add an idea or two onto your next project. Have fun!!!

Happy crafting,
xxx, Sanna

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Maritime cards – Canvas Corp Brands

Happy Easter, everyone! I am not sharing Easter cards this year, as for some reason I ran out of time to create them :-).

BUT I am totally ready for summer already. And thus will share some fun summerly maritime themed cards today:

The papers and and colors I´ve used on these cards are by Canvas Corp Brands (Tattered Angels sprays and Canvas Corp papers).

For this card I´ve first sprayed the background with a blue Plain Jane Baseboard spray (wave) and then cut a circle out of a piece of white paper. I then wrapped some multicolored twine around the circle and added a piece of “Nave and Ivory Anchor” paper underneath that piece. Next I just glued everything on place and added a hand written sentiment.

For the second card I matted the background with both the “Navy and Ivory Anchor” paper and “Coral & Ivory Big Dot Reverse” paper. Next I adhered a piece of “Canvas Fringe” to the card, added some staples and a chipboard anchor which I colored with a silver shimmer brush pen. Then just some faux stitching around the edges and a hand written sentiment and the card was done.

For my last card I first placed a stencil (The Crafter´s Workshop – XOXO) over a piece of white watercolor paper and sprayed some Marmalade Glimmer Mist over it. The blue splatters on the background were made with the Wave tone of the Plain Jane mist. Next I just cut a banner out of the “Navy and Ivory Anchor” paper (my fave paper – as you might have noticed 🙂 !) and placed a white cardstock banner with a hand written text over it. Then just added some thin hemp string and a heart charm and some wood veneer as decoration.

I really like the Canvas Corp papers as they are very timeless and easily combineable. And the sprays..well, yes, you might already have noticed that I have a thing for spray colors. Enough said about that then…

Wishing you a lovely Easter time with your family and loved ones!
xxx, Sanna