A hop with a difference!

Hello lovelies, I was asked by Paula Perry if I´d like to join in on a blog hop with a difference and due to some travelling I was a bit late with my answer, but naturally could not say no to her kind request :). I have been on a creative team with Paula and really like her as a scrappy friend (and her scrappy style) .

So this hop is all about inspiration and introducing other blogs. Go here and here to see what Paula wrote on her blog hop post (and while there, you could also go back to Heather´s blog and see what she wrote/did and so on :)…)

I am very happy to be able to continue this hop, even thought it was quite hard to find scrappy friends who would continue this further – might have something to do with the summer holiday season?? Anyway, here are first some answers to Paula´s questions:

1. What am I working on right now? I am working on several projects at the time. There are a couple of design team projects I want to make during the next days and they are on „idea mode“ on my mind at the moment :). My husband always says he can „hear“ me think, because I do it so loudly… don´t know if that is good or bad?? 😉

2. How long does it take to create a project? Well, that is a hard question, as I never look at the time when creating, but I think something between 30 minutes to 3 hours is realistic, depending on what I am creating.

3. What are my fave things I love to create with at the moment? This is easy :). STENCILS, STAMPS and all kinds of media. I love to create backgrounds, use different media and colours as well as add stencilled details onto my layouts, cards and mixed media projects. And little embellishments here and there…mainly chipboard, flair, wood veneer, enamel dots etc.. and my all time faves: rub-ons. Yes I really like to use those too :).

4. How does my writing/creating process work? Most of the time it starts from an idea that has somehow come to my mind. That could have been something I´ve seen on a fashion/interior magazine or I´ve discovered creating another project. Then there are days when the idea starts from a special photo and I built everything upon that. Sometimes it can be a product or a technique that leads to something new. It really depends on my mood, on how I´m feeling and what I´m creating. So no actual rule there ;-). My journaling is often very personal, so I usually hide it behind the photos or add it on my layouts after sharing them here on the blog. Some things I just don´t want to share with the whole world, I´m sure you will understand. I write about my feelings, things that happen in our lives, things the kids did or said or just random daily stuff.

5. How do I become inspired and stay inspired? I get inspired by a song, by a photo, by something I saw for example in a fashion magazine. It can be practically anything. Most of the ideas come to me when I´m doing totally something else than scrapping :). It is really hard to explain, it is just like the idea physically hitting my mind while I´m doing totally something else (like baking, gardening, driving to work) and then I need to write the idea down, before forgetting it again. My last ideas came to me on an airplane on my way to London. See, there was nothing else to do than to think really, so I used my time well :).

6. What is my signature style? I am really bad on such things like describing my own style. I think you can recognize my work thru lots of stencil work, using plenty of stamps and almost always adding black color splatters here and there. That could be it…and maybe color. Could also be „more layers and techniques than photos“ kind of thing? But definitely something about stencils, stamps and different media. You tell me ;-).

This, by the way is a layout I had been working on very recently. It was a design team page for my favorite local scrapbook store :). I´ve used pretty much all my favorite products on this page. Lightbulbs…I forgot lightbulbs from my previous list… definitely need to mention those :)!
Here are some details – I bet you can see what my fave products are 😉

 And now to the lovely ladies who will continue this blog hop. I am or have been on a design team with both of these girls and am lucky to have both of them as my special scrappy contacts.
Helene Bogren
I  had the opportunity to be on the same creative team with Helene a while back. I really like her style! She creates lovely, happy and bright layouts with lots of white space on them and yet her pages are full on details and different techniques. And like me, she usually is a one photo per page girl, too. She has kindly agreed on continuing this hop and I´m already very excited to see and read her post :)! Make sure you visit HER BLOG on the 7th of July to see what she did and wrote!!!

Maikki-Noora Karvinen
Funny enough, I have not had that many Finnish scrappy contacts so far, even though I speak Finnish. Thanks to a creative team assignment I have been able to get to know more of the Finnish scrapbooking community too and one of the lovely contacts is Maikki-Noora. You really need to check her blog out. She writes in Finnish but I´m sure google translater will help a little and the projects will be worth seeing even without understanding the text. Maikki-Noora is great on texture and layers. She creates amazing textured, layered, full of technique cards and other projects and I have a feeling that she has been seriously bitten by the scrapbooking bug recently too :). Go see HER BLOG for her post on the 8th of July!! Exciting to see what she will share!!!
Thanks for stopping by, lovelies and thanks for your comments, love reading them!!Have a good start into the new week!!
Hugs, Sanna

Kursinfos – Pipilonias kreative Welt

*sorry, this post is only in German this time as it is all about the classes I will be holding in the near future in Vienna*

Hallo ihr Lieben! Wir haben ein paar nette Kurse für euch vorbereitet und würden uns sehr freuen, wenn ihr mit uns ein paar kreative Stunden bei Pipilonias kreative Welt verbringen möchtet. Ich kann es kaum erwarten, gemeinsam mit euch wieder basteln zu können!!

Der erste Kurs, den wir mit Sindra gemeinsam halten werden, ist ein Minialbum. Wir bauen einen Albumcover, gestalten es mit ganz vielen tollen Materialien und verzieren die Innenseiten des Albums mit verschiedenen Resist-Techniken. Ich kann euch nur sagen, dass wir sehr viel Spaß hatten beim Gestalten des Musterstückes und denken, dass euch der Kurs auch gut gefallen wird.

Dann gibt es ein Homedeco-Projekt, das wiederum in eine ganz andere Richtung geht. Industrial chick, vintage und Steampunk lassen bei diesem Kurs grüssen! Das Dekostück kann sowohl auf dem Kaminsims oder auf der Wand Platz finden. Hier werden wir auf jedem Fall wieder unsere Finger schmutzig machen und mit diversen Techniken spielen! Hier ein Bild vom Material, die wir verwenden werden (Fotos vom Projekt folgen in Kürze):

Weiters wird es auch einen Layered Stamping Kurs wieder geben – weitere Kurstermine folgen (haltet bitte das Kursprogramm gut im Auge 😉 )!! Wir werden einen Layouthintergrund mit ganz vielen verschiedenen Stempeln und Stempelfarben gestalten und dazu die Seite fertig dekorieren. Hier ein paar Detailbilder für euch:

 Ich hoffe wir sehen uns bei Pipilonia!! Ich freue mich schon auf euch!
Eure Sanna