Masculine, rustic boho style layout – Canvas Corp Brands

Hello there, everyone and happy Saturday!!! It has been a LONG, LONG while, since I made a scrapbook page. I have been „distracted“ by other types of projects recently. Then this photo fell into my hands, while cleaning up the mess the burglars left behind when they broke into our house earlier this year…and I don´t know if it was due to the emotional ups and downs after the burglary or something else that made me feel the urge to document some stories again.

I wanted to document my thoughts about my dad onto this page. He sadly didn´t get to live a very long life and I never really got to say goodbye. So there are lots of things that still dwell in my mind from time to time. I wanted to record these things, put them on paper. The journaling, because very personal, is hidden inside the envelope. I put it there, so my boys one day can read it and get a better idea of our family history. It is part of their story too.

So a big part of my layout making is documenting, putting thoughts and feelings down on paper. BUT I also have fun with the product!!! 🙂

I´ve used plenty of Canvas Corp Brands (Tattered Angels, Canvas Corp & 7gypsies) product on this layout. In the video you will find all the used product listed and will get a better idea on how I proceed when creating a layout. Hope you like it!

For more details and a full supply list with links, please also see the Canvas Corp Brands blog HERE.

Happy scrapping,
xxx, Sanna

Jewellery with Amazing Mold Putty and Clear Cast Resin – Frog Dog Studio

Hello there, Sanna here today. When I saw the April add-on kit, I immediately knew that I would love to make my own jewellery with it. Here are some of the projects I made using the Amazing Mold Putty and the Amazing Clear Cast Resin. On some of these projects I have also used various products from previous kits and/or from the April main kit.

For this neclace I first created some simple round molds – I made those in two sizes, one for a neclace and one for a ring. I however didn´t have the ring base ready at home, so I will have to wait until I get on to make a matching ring for the neclace. Here is a close-up of the jewellery.

Here are some of the molds I created. I was thinking I´d rather make a couple at once, so I used all kinds of objects I had in my stash to create these.

I first mixed an equal amount of the white and yellow Amazing Mold Putty together and then pressed it over the objects, let the molds dry properly and then went over to the next step.

When the molds were ready to be used, I first mixed some Amazing Clear Cast together with the red plum Alumidust Powder. I then poured some of the fluid into the molds, placed some Mica Fragments into the molds and then poured them full with the reddish fluid. I let them dry properly before removing the finished resin pieces from the molds (over night). After that I just glued the round piece on it´s place and the neclace was ready to be worn.

For my next jewellery pieces I used some of the Mixed Media Bezels that are available at the shop. I started with the neclace and then made a matching bracelet.
I first cut a piece of patterned paper and glued it on the bottom of the Bezel. Next I applied tiny drops of the gold IZINK onto the paper.  After that I mixed the clear resin and poured a little into the Bezel.Then I applied some Mica Fragments and tiny pealrs over the clear resin and after that poured the Bezel full with the resin fluid until to the top. I left the piece dry properly over night and started making the bracelet.The bracelet is made exactly the same way like the neclace piece. I really like the effect the Mica Fragments create. When sun hits them they really stand out. Here are the finished pieces:

Then I also altered an older piece of jewellery as I had enough clear resin mixed together and didn´t want to waste any. This one was very easy to make.

  I just punched a circle out of a patterned paper piece and glued it down onto it´s place and covered the paper with Amazing Clear Cast. Then I just let all the pieces dry and they were ready to be used. 

I also created a couple of „loose“ Bezels which I might use on some other projects later or create some custom made jewellery out of them in the future. 

For these two I mixed some Amazing Clear Cast Resin together with the Pealized Alumilite Powder and then added some Alumilite Blue and Red Dye into the mixture. I then poured the coloured mixtures into the Bezels and added some Colour and Mica Fragments on top for additional detail.  This is how they look like when they were all done.Well that was pretty much jewellery for one post, wasn´t it. I must add that I am not a very talented jewellery maker, so I kept my projects pretty simple. But as you can see, you can still create some really nice pieces, even though you would be doing it for the very first time – like I did here :).
I hope this post has you inspired to try out these products. They are really easy to use and the whole process of creating can get quite addictive :). I very much enjoyed making my own jewellery pieces with these products! 

 Have a nice day!