Better late, than never..

Hi there, everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the last days of summer holiday? I know I am :). I am therefore a bit late with this post, as I had been travelling and was on vacation, but finally here is my report from the „Matka luovuuteen“ (translated: „A journey to creativity“) event :). It took place in Turku, Finland and was organized by the lovely Elina Strömberg and Minna Enqvist. Here is a picture of the location, and just in case you are interested to know more about the location, check out this link.

I had never had the chance to meet Finnish scrapbookers IRL before, since I have been living abroad so long and was slightly excited (and very nervous) about meeting them. But as it turned out, I really should not have needed to be nervous, since they were all absolutely hilarious, lovely and warm hearted people!! The atmosphere at the event was lovely and made me feel very comfortable from the very beginning on! Time practically flue by! The event was well organized and took place on a museum ship called „Bore„. The setting was great, the weather was amazing (pure sunshine!!) and the food as well as the company was good. And since I hadn´t been in Finland for five years, I truly enjoyed my short stay :)…

I got to know so many nice creative people at this event, but sadly had too little time to chat with everyone. It is a great scrapbooking community they have there!! ..and if I find a sponsor (any volunteers out there ;-)..? ) I will for sure come again :-). Thanks for a wonderful time, everyone! It was so nice meeting you all in person and creating together!! Hope to see you soon again!

And now to what we created. There was a photo session on Friday which I missed, since I had been out and about with my family. But since I took my family with me, I also had to spend some time with them.. And now for the classes I took part in. The first one was a canvas class by Finnabair. We used some lovely Prima embellishments on this one, as well as all kinds of media. I really liked this canvas class alot and it is always a pleasure taking Finn´s classes, since I like the way she teaches. I am not quite happy with the dark shadows on my canvas..a tad too much black in there in my opinion, but the idea was to learn the techniques and get to know the products, not to end up with perfect results, right? 🙂

This second piece we also made at the class held by Finnabair. Again the kit was packed full with gorgeous embellishments and papers. I was not able to use them all on this layout, so I will be adding the leftover pieces to other artworks later. Not unhappy about that at all :). If you haven´t been on Finnabair´s class before, I recommend you take one with her, she is a very helpfull, patient and lovely teacher from whom you always can learn new techniques, ideas and tricks!! This was not my first class with her and I will be happy to take another class with her, if the possibility comes somewhere in the future :).

Lots of misting and different media and techniques also going on on this page :). It was alot of fun and Finn is such a nice, patient teacher! Thanks for a lovely time and great classes, Finn!!

Then we also did a layout class with Minna Enqvist – one of the organizers. Funny, how you meet people for the first time, and immediately get the feeling, you´ve know them all along. Minna and I had some pretty good laughs during the event – thanks for a lovely table company, Minna 🙂 !! Was really nice to get to know you better!

So something about this page. As you can see – we used all kinds of media on this layout too. The main idea was to choose a picture with a special meaning and tell the story (lots of journaling hidden behind the photo, I tell you!!) behind it/related to it. And then use and test the media we had been given to play with. Just to mention a few: inks, Gelli Plate, acrylic paint, stencils, Pan Pastels, Mists, stamps etc.. I tried it all :). We could all do the page in our way, so everyone ended up creating totally different kinds of layouts. This was so much fun! …and I just might have gotten interested in Pan Pastels…I´ve been avoiding those on purpose for a while now, but I think I will now need to get myself a few colours  ;-)…

And this minibook was a class held by Elina Strömberg, also one of the organizers at the event. I was lucky to be sitting next to her during the event, so we got the chance to chat a little and got to know each other a little better. We had a good time with my new „granny club“ friend 🙂 (<- insider joke). Thanks for a lovely time, Elina, was so nice to finally meet you in person!

So, about this class. We were asked to do some measuring and cutting to get this minibook right, and since I am more of a „go with the flow“ kind of person and hardly ever measure anything, this was a real challenge for me :). As you can see, my mini is not finished yet, as I didn´t have enough photos with me that day. So I will need to finish this project at home.

On this class we got to know and play with some Fiskars and Sizzix products. Especially the Fiskars border cutter seems really interesting, I was not yet familiar with it (oh my..more „needs“ again?). Then again some really nice media techniques here too. And the papers – yummy greyish, black and white and yellow toned ones!! Love, love, love, the paper combo on this mini! Now all I need to do is to finish it..

and now some photos from the event – just for the fun of it 🙂

Everyone is fully concentrated 🙂

Me and my „Granny club friend“ Elina <3

Met the lovely, talented Riikka IRL! Wish we´d had more time to chat!!

..and another group selfie w/ Riikka, Finnabair, Minna and me 🙂

And this is the lovely bunch of people I got to hang out with – special greetings to Veera, Jenni and Milla for the lovely company during the event! Here are some of the blogs, you might want to check out for more photos, artworks and reports from the event:  Ansku, Kaisa, Lena, Taru, Merkku, Maikki-Noora, Jenni, Marika, Milla, Taru, Arja, Heli, Seija, Maaka, Riikka, Veera, Pirjo, Riikka, Nanna, Anna-Kaisa, TanjaPiia, Minna and Elina – I am sure there were more..if I missed someone, just leave me a note and I´ll add the name to the list :). Thanks for a lovely time everyone, too bad time went by so fast..! Hope to see you again some day!!!

xoxo, Sanna