Daily Art Practice – Day 70

Hello and happy Saturday! Today´ s page is again done and dusted. I really enjoyed doing this one.

I used Dina Wakley Scribble Sticks, Heavy Body paints and Klartext stamps on this one again. Some leftover tiny paper bits and Stabilo all white. Fun, fun, fun!

Here are a few detail photos:

And that´ s all for today – see you again tomorrow!!
Take care,
xxx, Sanna


#tuac5minchallenge – Day 17

Hello and happy Tuesday! Today´s #tuac5minchallege take is already Day 17. I cannot believe I did art already 17 days in a row for 5 minutes a day!!! Today´s one is truly an ugly art piece :)….

I was so in love with yesterday´s colours that I wanted to do similar tones today too. Well, and then it didn´t just work out as it imagined. It turned out all wonky and strange and I don´t like it that much. But it´s okay. I did it in 5 minutes – well, to be honest, I cheated a bit, because time went way too fast and I could not add all the bits I had wanted to do. So I decided to cheat just a little and add the eye fussy cut pieces AFTER the 5 minutes had run out. Oh well, not all days are the same and sometimes things work out and sometimes not.

I don´t like this piece so much, but I might just use bits of it later somewhere and “recycle” it that way into another art work?! That might work. Still, I showed up and did the 5 minutes :).

And here is the video:

Hoping tomorrow will be better. I think I´m again just going to do something totally different. I am not good at repeating the same thing again and again, apparently :).

See you tomorrow,
xxx, Sanna


Scribble stick face

Hello and happy Tuesday!! So I have been doing #the100dayproject for the first time and I´ve been drawing faces on tags for that. It´s almost done now and in between the smaller sized faces I did a few in my art journals too. This one, for example, was one done in just a few minutes with Scribble Sticks by Dina Wakley.

I challenged myself to draw a face as quikly as I could on a canvas page. It was tricky, as canvas moves under the crayon. I also just drew and didn´t presketch anything! Thus the wonky proportions :).

But it was really fun to try this out. I might leave this page as is or come back to it later and add bits and bobs or only use parts of the face or add tags on top. I haven´t figured that part out yet. But it was a fun exercise nevertheless!

We´ll see how this page develops from here ;-). Have a great day!
xxx, Sanna


#the100day project – days 21-25

Hello and happy Tuesday! Today I´m shortly sharing the next faces of my personal #the100dayproject2021 challenge. Like mentioned before I´m drawing a face a day on a pre-prepared, die cut tag. If you want to follow me face drawing journey „live“, you should follow my Instagram account (here). And you can also watch the videos directly on my YouTube channel (here).

Day 21

Day 22

Day 23

Day 24

Day 25

My take on face drawing is an artsy, abstract one. I am not trying to learn how to draw realistic faces, because at the moment a) it is not my interest and b) I don´t think I am very good at that type of drawings. But this type of mixed media face drawing just interests me very much and I also enjoy it a lot!

I´ve still got quite a few days to go until day 100, but it has been lots of fun so far. So be sure to come back next week to take a look of the next 5 :). I wish you all an amazing week!!!

xxx, Sanna


Magic Art Journal page

Hello and happy Monday! We had a gorgeous sunshiny day here today and I really enjoy seeing the yellow break thru the dull gray sky. Finally! And thus, today´s dominant colour is also yellow! One of my long time fave colours!

This page is a combination of various media on top of each other. On the bottom of it all there are various color splodges of glorious Gloss Sprays! I´ve then added patterns with my Rag Rug stencil (the new, bigger pattern) first with Gloss Sprays by Dina Wakley and then added plenty of layers, some asemic writing some Scribble Stick details (like the plus pattern), some Collage Collective pieces and some stamping done with a Dina Wakley stamp set.

The other papers were gifted to me by Katja Joulak in an ATC swap. Thank you! And bits and bobs of Tonic Crackle Paste here and there too and on top some Distress Crayons with the fade technique Tim Holtz shared last spring in his many FB lives. And plenty of rub-ons hidden here and there. They are really old ones and still work!

Today´s message is: sometimes you just have to make your own magic and don´t forget to appreciate the little things like sunshine, blue sky and birds singing. Believe me, I´ve had it with this lockdown (I am still sticking to the rules and regulations), but when there is nothing to look forward to. Nothing that really can motive one to keep going, it gets really hard. Really, really hard. I am cheering myself with pages like this! Lots of layers, colour and brightness! I hope I could lift your spirits with today´s color combo a little bit! See you soon – there is a scrapbook project coming up on Friday :).

Do stop by and take a look!
xxx, Sanna