News flash and an unboxing video

Hello everybody, remember last year when I told you guys that I had made The Wild Hare Kits guest design team? Well, today is the day to start sharing TWHK goodness with you, as January happens to be my guest design team member month.

Let me start by telling you more about what The Wild Hare Kits are about, just in case you haven´t heard much about them until now.

As a guest design team member I got a hand curated papercrafting kit from Alison, who is the founder and owner of The Wild Hare Kits. Today, I´ll start by sharing the unboxing video of that kit with you all:

I am blown away by the curators skills in picking just the perfect product for me. I loved every piece in the kit. There was nothing I´d change or felt like not being „me“. The kit ordering process starts with a style profile sheet you fill in. At their website there are various pictures you rate depending on if you like them or not. In addition, you are asked to tell about what kind of projects you are planning on making, what type of papercrafter you are, what you would like to have in your kit and what you don´t like at all among a few other things. You also can wish for certain manufacturers products/lines. Basically, the more information you give in your style profile sheet, the easier it is for your kit curator to pick the right product out for you. And they will also go and check your Instragram account out, if you have one, to get a better idea of what speaks to you personally.

I filled the style profile in as well as I could and as you can see in the result, I´m very happy with the result. There is a stencil, a stamp set, some wood veneer, some flair, rub-ons and lots of lovely paper in the kit (all the things I like!). Also, there is a free cut file every month that you get with the kit (this months file is the „fresh start“ one).

You can order the kits as a „petite“ or „deluxe version“ – prizes vary (see details here) depending on the kit size. Plus, you naturally need to add shipping. Shipping was also really fast, considering, the kit came a really long way to Austria from the US.

And the cool thing about these kits is that you order them when you want to. You can order the next kit right after the previous one OR you finish the kit and order when you feel the need for more product. I really like the fact that you can decide when you want your next kit to be shipped. You can also save your style profile sheet in your account or create a different one every time. I find the whole consept of these kits very customer friendly and unique!

Oh, I should mention that I told them I was about to work on our vacation photos with my kit, thus the travel theme. See, totally personalized for my purposes! Such a great consept!

I am sorry for the silly unboxing video – I just got really excited in the opening process :). Do come back again during this month to see what I am creating with this kit. I have a huge pile of photos printed, so be prepared for plenty of scrapbooking related projects :).
See you soon!

Happy scrapping,