Be yourself AJ page

Hello and happy Friday! Today I´m sharing another art journal page that I created very quickly after work, just to get my “batteries reloaded” after a long workday. It´s been a crazy few days and weeks, so I needed this time so much!

This face, she, emerged from random play. I didn´t plan on doing a face at first, but then somehow all the colour on the background reminded me of face paintings of the indigenous people we saw, when we visited the Amazonas a few years ago. So I went with the feeling and this is how she turned out.

And it´s also a reminder to be true to yourself, just to be you and not to try be someone else, because it will not work out trying to be someone else. I again did some prints with one of my stencils on the background using Dina Wakley paints and then I drew on that. The washi is also by Dina and I´ve used her Scribble Sticks to make the orange background too.

So what are your plans for this weekend? Are you going to craft a little? I sure hope I can find some time for that this weekend!! And hopefully the weather will be sunny – it´s been raining and cold and grey. Where has summer gone? I need some vitamine sun…

Happy weekend!
xxx, Sanna


Be authentic AJ page

Hello and happy Saturday! Today I´m sharing another art journal face with you. This time, I went with what I grabbed – my color choices are odd (I am not an orange person very much), but I just grabbed something I don´t use that often and went from there.

I also had created random circles onto the background and didn´t like them that much, so I let them “disappear” in the background and added lime green to the orange. I know – quite a color combination, isn´t it? And then there is was, the bold background and I didn´t quite know how to continue. So I just drew a face, I gave her black hair to distrackt a bit from the crazy background colours and I kept her face really simple.

I just drew the eyes, a tiny part of the nose and very simple lips. I didn´t even color her properly. I just added tone to her cheeks and some to the eyes and lips. Then I felt like adding the heavy body paint (by Dina Wakley) thru a stencil on top of it all. And it works really well. After that I added the words/text with a white Posca pen. For finishing touches I added some splatters and black stars in a row with a stamp.

This page is a reminder to be braver and authentic. Each face I make – even though I´m still learning and dabbling in face drawing – has it´s own look, they are genuine in their own way. Unique even. And always a result of different types of feeling from that particular day when I was creating them. So they differ in looks and style. And that´s ok. I´m going more towards quantity when art journaling. That will hopefully lead me to finding my own face drawing style sooner :).

Have a fabulous Saturday and weekend, lovelies!!!
xxx, Sanna


Do Good AJ page

Hello there and happy Monday evening! I´m stopping by to share an art journal page with you. This one is just random play, while trying to get my mind free of things bothering me.

How´s your Monday getting along? I feel drained after work today – already can hear my bed calling my name *LOL*. I think it´s partly because of the back paint I´ve been experiencing lately. Still some side-effects emerging from time to time, post surgery, I think.

Art usually helps – but I feel too tired for that even. What is your recipy for overcoming total tiredness? Except for the obvious – sleep? When I´m this drained, it usually affects my mood in a bad way and I really hate, when that happens. So if you have any tips for survival, I´m all ears!!!

Like mentioned before, this page is just a result of random play. I misted a background with spray ink, putting fussy cut circles here and there. Then I outlined the circles with black paint, waited for that layer to dry and added Distress Crayons. I also removed some of the crayon with a baby wipe (thru a stencil). That way the stencil pattern appears. The stamping is a planner stamp set by Elizabeth Craft Designs and other than that I used a STAMPlorations stencil to create the crackle paste images. For finishing touches I added a quote.

OK, that´s all from me today. I´m feeling bedtime coming earlier today 🙂

This week can only get better from here on 😀 – wishing you a lovely, creative week!!!
xxx, Sanna