Altered mobile phone cover – Canvas Corp Brands

I bet we all have been there… who doesn´t know the problem with mobile phone covers? They tend to start looking “old and used” at some point. No matter how high quality they are, they still tend to get cracks and loose color.

I had a yellow leather mobile cover that was not that yellow anymore. I had taken the cover off my mobile phone and was just about to toss is and then I got the idea to alter it. Why not apply some Decor & DIY Saffron paint onto the surface and just see what happens!!! And so I did!! This is a result of that experiment. I had fun dabbing bright yellow paint onto the cover and then of course had to add ink splatters too. I am now excited to see how long this surface lasts. Should it not work, I´ve got nothing to loose, since it was in poor condition anyway and if it lasts, I´ll be happy to use this cover for a long time!

Tattered Angels PaintsHere is  what I used for the cover:
1. Tattered Angels – Decors & DIY paint, Saffron
2. Tattered Angels – Chalkboard Glimmer Mist, Inchworm
3. Tattered Angels – Glimmer Mist, Turquoise blue
4. Black and white texture spray
5. Clear stamps
6. Old book paper
7. Black stamp ink
8. Matte medium
9. Foam brush
10. Spray varnish
11. Resin

DIY Cell Phone CoverSince the old mobile phone cover was leather based, I directly added the DECOR & DIY paint (Saffron) onto the cover. I dabbed two layers with a foam brush and let the surface dry in between layers. Painted Cell Phone Cover

When the paint was relatively dry, I added some black and white texture spray splatters as well as green and blue Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist and Chalkboard ink splatters.
glimmer mist paint
Since those are water based, I had to add a layer of spray varnish on top to keep the splatters from bleeding.

create cell phone coverFinally I took a piece of old book paper and stamped a light bulb and a word “create” with black ink onto that paper. Next I fussy cut the pieces and adhered to the mobile phone cover with Matte Medium. I finished the cover with a second layer of spray varnish and let if to dry properly before using it.

After waiting for the varnish to dry over 24 hours, I noticed that it got relatively sticky, so I went and applied a thin layer of resin on top of the cover with a paint brush and let that layer dry overnight. That helped alot and now all the ink splatters and layers are covered under resin and I have a feeling this will hold well in day to day use.

Have fun creating!!!
xxx, Sanna
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ATC set Vol. 2 – Canvas Corp Brands

Hello lovelies! On my previous post I told you about the Canvas Corp Brands Creative Crew ATC swap and that I had created several sets of ATC´s for that. Here comes the second set:

Sanna LippertMy starting point waas the 7gypsies kraft ACT card base package and some papers from the 7gypsies Ordre Du Jour collection. I chose a paper and cut it slightly smaller than the ATC bases were.

Sanna LippertI started by stamping onto the patterned paper with a  Susan K Weckesser stamp (from the Grandma´s Needlepoint stamp set) stamp and black waterproof ink.

Sanna LippertNext I went and mixed some Cardboard Chalkboard spray ink and transparent texture paste together. I then added some toned paste thru a The Crafter´s Workshop stencil onto the patterned paper pieces.

Sanna LippertBefore the paste was dry, I quickly applied some Multi Chrystal Glitter Mix onto the paste and let that layer dry. It adds a really nice vintagy shine to the surface and that goes really well with the colors and the papers. Sanna LippertAfter that I grabbed some more 7gypsies numbers, added some yellow sewign garn under them and glued some spray inked, punched stars and some random buttons as decoration on top.

Sanna LippertNaturally there also had to be some black Glimmer Glaze in there. It would not be me, if I didn´t add some black splatters :-). When the ATC´s were done, I adhered them onto the kraft ATC bases with a strong paper glue (Aleene´s). This is what they look like finished:  Sanna Lippertand here are some detail shots:Sanna LippertI added some doodled circles here and there in the end, for additional interest and outlined the stars with a black pen. I also wanted to add a motivational sentiment, so I did some hand written ones in matching tones. Sanna LippertThis was my second set of 4 ATC´s. I really enjoyed creating these and I hope the recipients also liked them.

There are still a few more to come, so I hope you come back soon to take a look at what´s coming next :-)!

Happy crafting,
xxx, Sanna