Christmas cards 2022 – Set 1

Hello there! It is again that time of the year – time for Christmas card shares ;-). Here is the first set I did:

I went with very simple CAS style this time mainly, because I wanted to use up product from last years. The background paper is by Canvas Corp Brands and the tag I don´ t even remember where I got it from. But I like the combo of black and green with red together. The stamp is by Klartext and the dots are done with liquid pearls. The chipboard sticker is by Vicky Boutin.

Here the background paper is by Vicky Boutin and Canvas Corp Brands. The puffy star is by Fancy Pants. I really like the black for Christmas this year or some reason.

And lastly, this card is also done with Vicky Boutin papers and the journaling card was in my stash, but I really can´ t remember who it is by. The little decor on the left top corner is by Canvas Corp Brands and colored with Neocolor 2´ s.

My goal making these cards was clearly stash busting. But I also really enjoyed creating simple, flat Christmas cards that are easy to mail.

Hope you liked these ideas 🙂 – have you started on your card creating yet?
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – May 28th

Hello and happy Sunday! Ready for another DAP-Journal share and this time again with a face?

I “hid” the Artistic Almanac piece by drawing a face on top of it and adding the hair around. The idea worked out really well. I´ ve again used Neocolor 2´ s and a Stabilo all black pen. For finishing touches I fussy cut a Klartext stamp sentiment, but used only parts of it. The used bits translate to: “nothing to do but further”.

I really enjoed drawing her and noticed how much I miss my 2021 100 days of faces challenge and drawing faces. That was so much fun! I am anyways contemplating where to take my craft from here, what to do with it and what I enjoy the most at the moment. Kind of being in crossroads here at the moment abit.

Have a great Sunday, everyone!
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – May 24-25th

Hello and happy Thursday! Today I am again sharing two pages form my DAP-Journal:

This piece is as big as the almanac page (in fact it is the original almanac page) and I only added some stamping and a bit of ribbon to it. Why? Because my journal is getting VERY thick and I trying to fit as many days into it as possible. I probably will need to split it into at least 3 sections in the end, but hey, a girl can try, right?

This sentiment translates to: Hey fighting spirit, I am incredibly proud of you.

For May 25th I continued the faces outside the almanac page and boy did I enjoy drawing these wonky faces. I haven´ t been doing faces in a while. It´ s something I want to do more of again, so this was a good reminder. I used a black Posca pen for drawing and then added colour with Neocolor 2´ s. For the sentiment I again used a Klartext stamp that says: “you are wonderful”.

I hope these pages lifted your spirits!
Have a great day,
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – May 23rd

Hello and happy Wednesday! Here comes another page from my DAP-Journal:

For this page I used a piece of newspaper and bits from a art supply stores catalogue, then added some Neocolor in yellow and white gesso as well as Stabilo all black droplets here and there. On top of it all is a Klartext stamp again. This one translates to: “Patience? As if I had time for that!”

Ironically, the original page speaks of tranquil mind and my side is somewhat the opposite :).

See you tomorrow again,
xxx, Sanna


Daily Art Practice – May 20-22

Hello and happy Tuesday! Today I am sharing 3 tiny pages from my DAP-Journal at once:

This is May 20th: done with the almanac page, then added a magazine image, some Neocolor 2´ s and finished the page off with a Klartext stamp. The stamped sentiment tranlates to: “to dream”.

This is May 21st: Here again I tried to continue the feeling of the original almanac page and did that by using Distress Paints, a magazine image of a dance and a Klartext stamped word which translates to “to dance”.

And finally, May 22nd: On this page I again used Distress Paints, a Posca pen in black and a Klartext stamp which translates to: “to laugh”. So this actually is a kind of series, in a way.

I hope you enjoyed today´ s share and hopefully I could inspire you also abit.
Take care,
xxxx, Sanna