Fall blog hop continues – Canvas Corp Brands

Hello everybody, did you get a chance to hop on through our amazing CCB Fall Blog hop yet? Here is what I did for it: click here for a direct link. I really love what Steph created for it. It´s a set of lovely Halloween Treat Bags (see her picture underneath). Go check our her blog here.

Don’t forget to hop on through and leave comments along the way! Here is the full list for hopping thru this blog hop. Have fun and good luck with the prizes!!


Fall themed blog hop continues – Canvas Corp Brands

Hello everybody, did you get a chance to hop on through our amazing CCB Fall Blog hop yet? Here is what I did for it: click for direct link here.

I also adore, what Marie created for the hop:

Simple Farmhouse Autumn Mantel with Teal Pumpkins. Marie Nicole Designs

It is the above shown Farmhouse Mantle decoration that she created in gorgeous fall theme. I really like her color choices too!!! Go check our her blog for more here. Don’t forget to hop on through and leave comments along the way (see the full link list here) !

Have fun hopping and good luck with the prizes!!!

Fall Blog Hop – Canvas Corp Brands

Hello everbody and welcome to the Canvas Corp Brands Crew Member Fall themed MEGA BLOG HOP! There are plenty of fantastic designers world wide that have come together to showcase terrific fall projects that you can recreate and put your own artistic touches on in your craft room.

My take for the FALL BLOG HOP is a Tattered Angels Color Wash Paint treated wooden wreath created to decorate our front door. I have created a spring wreath a while back, so I figured, it would be also nice to have one in a fall theme, created with the great Canvas Corp Brands products.

So what is Color Wash Paint, actually? It´s a multi-surface, water-based, one-step paint with a hint of mica in it. It´s perfect for natural surfaces and the best part is, it´s odorless!!! It´s so easy to use and apply (no priming or sanding needed!!) So it´s the perfect paint for all kinds of home décor projects. And did I mention it is really easy to clean too? Just needs some soap and water to clean your working surface afterwords.

And here is the finished wreath, hanging on our front door.

I just love the little frosted mushrooms – they are sooo cute!

I used five tones of color wash paint to paint the wreat into fall colors, then added some ribbons and leaves as well as frosted mushrooms to decorate. This project is literally done in no time!!! I´ve recorded a short video to give you an idea on the simple steps to create this project – hope you like it!

You have seen a lot of these designers featured on sites like Tattered Angels, 7 Gypsies and and Canvas Corp Brands! Do you see a trend? This is the CCB Fall Blog HOP! Each of these designers have created a project to share with you on their blog. Some are offering prizes, so please hop on through to each blog. If you are inspired would you be so kind as to share the hop with others? We would truly appreciate it! And now start hopping – here is the list of all participants, so make sure you hop thru their blogs and leave some love!!!


  1. Scrappy Cafe (Betz Golden) https://scrappycafe.blogspot.com/2018/09/huge-fall-blog-hop.html
  2. YOU ARE HERE! Papierstau (Sanna Lippert) http://www.papierstau.at/fall-blog-hop-canvas-corp-brands/
  3. Marie Nicole Designs (Marie Heiderscheit) https://marienicoledesigns.wordpress.com/2018/09/28/farmhouse-autumn-mantel-teal-pumpkins
  4. Steph Ackerman – https://stephaniescraps.blogspot.com/2018/09/fall-blog-hop-with-canvas-corp.html
  5. The Crafty Robin – https://elizabethr-thecraftyrobin.blogspot.com/2018/09/fall-canvas-corp-blog-hop.html
  6. Monica Taylor https://taylormadecards4u.blogspot.com/2018/09/toil-trouble-fall-blog-hop-with-canvas.html
  7. Karla Yungwirth https://creative-love-affair.blogspot.com/2018/09/canvas-corp-brands-fall-blog-hop.html
  8. Lynne Joncas https://scrappysquirrelsnest.blogspot.com/2018/09/basket-of-pumpkins-for-fall-ccb-blog-hop.html
  9. Priya Satish https://creativemotif.blogspot.com/2018/09/ccb-fall-hop.html
  10. Erin Reed – https://scraps-of-reflections.blogspot.com/2018/09/diy-give-thanks-stenciled-fall-wood-sign.html
  11. Natassa Blazaki – https://artrecipesandmore.blogspot.com/2018/09/welcome-to-fall-ccb-blog-hop.html
  12. Peggy Lee Baker https://pegbaker.blogspot.com/2018/09/ccb-fall-blog-hop-altered-paper-pumpkin.html
  13. Nadine Carlier – https://myscrapnstuff.blogspot.com/2018/09/fall-blog-hop-with-canvas-corp-brands.html
  14. Jaine Drake – http://www.basementstudio.lu/fall-ccb-blog-hop/
  15. Christine Santos – https://csantossite.wordpress.com/2018/09/27/boo-ccb-fall-blog-hop/
  16. Viktoriya Porechnaya https://vitulya.blogspot.com/2018/09/fall-ccb-blog-hop-halloween-bouqet.html
  17. Hema VelCraft https://velcraft.blogspot.com/2018/09/autumn-smile.html
  18. Linda Israel https://lindaisrael.com/art/2018/09/28/fall-ccb-blog-hop-junk-journal-binding-tutorial

Have fun hopping!!! I have prepared a little prize for one lucky winner, consisting of Canvas Corp Brands product. The winner for my prize will be drawn on the 1st of October 2018 at 9 p.m. my time, so everyone who has left a comment to this blog post by then, will be in the random draw!!! All you need to do is to comment what is your favorite fall crafty project and follow me on one of my social media sites (listed in the sidebar!). Good luck everyone!!! Happy hopping!

xxx, Sanna


DIY home decor woodblock with Tattered Angels mists

Hello everyone, today I would like to share a DIY woodblock home decor piece with you. For this piece  I have gathered several misted parts and elements together that I have been working with and on during my Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist video series. In that video series I played with Glimmer Mists on various materials, like: paper, fabric, wood, metal, glass, stones and many more. This woodblock features a selection of those materials and shows how much fun it can be to combine these random misted objects to create a home decor piece fro them.  On this blog post I will share the steps on how to create a woodblock decor piece like this – should you be interested in finding out more about the video series, you will find additional links to the ones featured on this project later in this post.

Let start with the steps:

1) Take a wood block and apply Tattered Angels Decor & DIY paint (I used the tone Mankato) onto the wood block and let air dry. This paint can be applied directly onto the wood surface, no pre-treating or sanding necessary! Also only one layer was enough for a proper coverage.

2) After the paint layer has dried, take a piece of patterened paper – I used one by 7gypsies – and cut into a slightly smaller size than the wood block and adhere on place with a regular fluid paper glue. They usually dry clear and are strong enough to hold the paper in place. After that add a Glimmer Mist misted piece of tulle on top and then take a with Glimmer Mist misted piece of twine (see the video about fabrics and Glimmer Mist here and here) and wrap around the wood block in random manner several times. Add a few glue drops on top of the twine in the center area to keep the twine from moving.

3) Next start layering random objects to build a focal point onto the woodblock.  I started with a canned corn can lid that was misted with Glimmer Mists. See the full video on Glimmer Mists with Metal part I and part II on the Tattered Angels YouTube Channel. I attached the can lid onto the woodblock with a layer of gel medium. It does take a while to dry properly, but once it is dry, nothing will fall off anymore. Therefore it´s the perfect adhesive for this kind of projects. Above the lid there is a DIY gypsum crown that also got a layer of Glimmer Mist on it. You can alter and tint all kinds of objects with Glimmer Mists to make them match you projects (to see this particular video, go here).  The crown is also adhered to the surface with gel medium. Be sure to let the pieces dry properly before you display the decor piece in your home, otherwise they can still start moving and sliding around on the surface.
4) The woodblock has an inspirational word added to it and builds a set of three block in total. I wanted to create a similar tone to the chipboard piece, so I gently rubbed some Aquamarine Glimmer Mist with my finger onto the surface and let it air dry. Totally simple and easy! For adhering heavier pieces I always use the gel medium as my go-to adhesive.

5) The can lid on it´s own would look a little bit strange, so it still needed a few more decorational layers on top. I added a scallop metal cap (also misted with Glimmer Mist) and a mini compass into the middle of it. They were adhered with gel medium again and were left to set abit before adding the next decorational element around the compass. This way the compass would not move around anymore, when adding the tiny art stones.

6) While recording the Glimmer Mist series, I also had misted these tiny art stones with the spray colors and they were the perfect addition around the compass. I poured some glossy accents onto the empty area before adding the stones one by one. This way they will stick to the bottom without falling off when put on display. All these steps take a little drying time in between steps, so you might want to create this project over several days to make sure the layers have anough time to air dry.

7) For finishing touches I added a misted wood veneer gear and a misted  emphemera paper butterfly from my older stash to create wings for the project. There are also tiny glass beads on each corner adhered with gel medium to add more interest to the project and also to keep the corners of the tulle from moving around, since I could not adhere the tulle onto the woodblock with a heavy adhesive. So the beads do the trick. They, by the way, are out of glass and I misted them with Glimmer Mist and it worked out quite well (see the video here).

8) Finally I added some Nuvo Glitter Drops for additional interest and decortion onto the crown, the butterfly wings and the scalloped bottle cap. This is totally optional, but I do like a hint of glitter here and there on my projects.
Here is the finished piece:

I must say I really like the misted can lid as the focal point of this decor piece. How about that? Using trash to create treasure!! I hope you have enjoyed this home decor project and get inspired to gather some junk from around the house to create a decor piece of your own. Remember also to try out some of the misting ideas shered on the video series on your junk pieces to alter the objects – you´ll be amazed what can lids, stones, brick pieces et cetera can look like when they get a Glimmer Mist coating!! And while you are at it, make a decor piece set, it will look great when put on display at your home. Have fun!!!

Wishing you a great time crafting,


It´s all about Kraft – CCB crew challenge

Hello there lovelies, I´d like to share a fun Canvas Corp Brands crew challenge project with you today.  The design team/creative crew was challenged to use a 12×12 Kraft Envelope in some way on a project. This is what the envelope looks like on it´s own. The Canvas Corp store has quite a few sizes availabe and the 12×12 inch envelope is the largest in size (check out a few facts about the kraft paper secection in this post). This big envelope perfect for mailing scrapbook layouts and has a great big size to be altered into something totally different or folded into a minibook, for example. So the creative crew was challenged to take a second look at this envelope and use it in various ways. 12x12 kraft envelope

I think we all loved this challenge, as so many various ideas evolved around the envelope. You definitely need to hop over to the CCB blog to take a look a them. They are just stunning!!!

The 12×12 size of the envelope immeadiately spoke to me and I wanted to create a scrapbook layout with the envelope. But I did it with a twist and used it to store something inside. Since it is an envelope, it´s perfect for storing something, right? 🙂 The size is also perfect for a scrapbook album and the envelope form makes it more interactive and interesting. That is where my idea for a love letter storage came from! Here is what I did:
I created a layout on top of the envelope and inside, I stored love letters my husband that he sent to me while we were still dating. Yes, actual love letters! Hand written and all :). I think  I got one each day while we had been dating (he was in Austria, I was in Finland, so there was quie a distance to be overcome). And now I have the precious memories stored in one place and a nice photo from one of our first dates decorating the envelope cover (good memories).

I´ve also prepared a photo step-by-step for you:

I started by taking my crop-a-dile out (it´s been a while since I used it..) and punched holes into the envelope and placed two punched circle paper pieces on top of the holes and attached everything together with eyelets. Remember when eyelets were totally in? I still have plenty of them in my stash and they work perfectly for creating such mechanisms for minibook and/or envelopes.

After that I started to assembly papers alongside and around my photo using the 7gypsies Ordre Du Jour 8×8 paper pad. I didn´t adhere them down yet, just organized them around abit to see what pleased my eye. Then I put them aside again, to be adhered on place later.

Next I took one of my STAMPlorations stencil designs and applied Nuvo Embellish Mousse thru the stencil onto the background around the area where the papers had been earlier.

I also added black Glimmer Glaze droplets on top of the stenciled elements for addtional decoration. I still love doing that – I think it´s just part of my work and it is really hard not to add any for me :).

Then I adhered the papers on top of the stenciled area and added some iridescent paste thru another of my STAMPlorations stencil on top of the papers. I just wanted to add texture and interest and layers. And I LOVE stencils 🙂 

After the stenciled image had dried abit, I added some 7gypsies rub-ons here and there. The time themed words fitted the layout theme perfectly so I went with them and the clock images.

I also added one of the Architextures embellishments as a focal piece to the layout (the old typewriter). This is one of my favorite Architextures pieces and I´ve been saving it for a very special project and this was the perfect spot for it in my opinion.

I wanted to add a little interest to the typewriter image, so I wiped pink Nuvo Embellishment Mousse onto the textured areas of the typewriter image. The Architextures embellishment pieces are so pretty fun on their own, but can also easily be altered with various pastes and media too, if preferred.

There is also another Architextures piece decorating the layout. I added it under the title of the page to make the title stand out just a little bit more from the page. Also, do you see the pink splatters? I did those with the Nuvo Embellishment Mousse by diluting it with water and spritzing the solution directly onto the page. That adds a fun detail to the layout.

After placing all the love letters inside the envelope, I closed it with the DIY mechanism and some glitter yarn.

And for finishing touches, I wanted to add some white contrast to the layout, so I spritzed some white High Impact Paint here and there (but first protected the photo with a piece of kitchen towel).

Here you can see the actual love letters going inside the envelope :).

And here are some detail shots of the layout – I just love that typewriter and the touch of pink mousse makes it extra special.

I also always try to add a date somewhere on my pages for time reference. As you can see, this photo goes back quite a long time.

I did quite a lot of fussy cutting with the Ordre Du Jour papers, cutting really tiny pieces off the papers and adding words and sentiments and even the very tiny images onto the layout. And most of them were just perfect for the love theme on their own!! The Ordre Du Jour paper pack is one of my all time favorites by 7gypsies!!

And here a closeup of the iridescent stenciling (not quite dry yet). It takes a little longer to dry, but in the end it will turn out totally transparent and only when light hits it, will show.

And here is the finished envelope  layout.This is my take on the 12×12 Kraft Envelope crew challenge. I really had a great time creating this special project. Which brings me to another idea: you could also create a layout around your children and add their artworks inside the envelope…hmmm… maybe I´ll do that next!

Now be sure to hop over to the Canvas Corp blog to see the video on all the challenge submissions. I might need to warn you tho, you WILL be in ave after seeing what the crew created and it might lead to you wanting to get yourself a 12×12 envelope and to create something with it yourself too *laughing*!!! Oh, and there will be a vote on the projects created by the crew on the Canvas Corp Brands Facebook collective, so if you want to, you can go there and give your vote up on your fave projects. Thank you!

Wishing you a wonderful, crafty weekend!!
xxx, Sanna