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Hello and happy Friday! I have been enjoying the Dina Wakley Facebook lives so much recently. They truly are the bright spot of the day during the social distancing.

So I have always wanted to draw faces, but never really had the courage to just try. And thru Dina´s lives I have gathered enough courage together to give it a try. I am far, far from being perfect. I don´t get the proportions right yet, my eyes are wonky and the overall look is somewhat childish.

But it´s a start, right? I will never get there, if I don´t give it a try and practise!! And I´ve now started practising. Here is another try from the other day. I tried a somewhat sideways profile this time. And it was a totally different thing to do. It changes how you draw the nose, how the eyes are supposed to be like and the mouth.

I also made this lady cry. Because of the overall situation I felt like drawing a sad face. And because I´ve been in pain. Tossing the crutches has catapulted me back to piriformis, muscle and tendon pain. So bad, that I´ve had to take painkillers again. I hate taking them! And that also trows me back on my PT, sadly.

Ah, it is strange how a surgery quickly throws one out of the track and it is so annoying getting back on track. Some days you have a feeling it´s one step forward to back.. I´d rather be fitter already.

How´s everyone doing? How do you spend your days and what are you missing most? Today it´s day 37 for me. I would go crazy if there was not arts and crafts to get my mind off things!

Wishing you all a lovely day!
xxx, Sanna


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