Some more Christmas cards – final round

Hi there, just wanted to share a few more Christmas cards with you today. I think these will be the last ones this season 😉 …

I´ve used lots of pre-made pieces/embellishments on these cards. First of all, because I just want to finally use them and second, because this way the cards are finished in no time :).

For this card I created an extremely C&S cover and then stamped the sentiment (using this stamp set) inside the card.

This one has the silvery word “XMAS” on it. That actually was a Xmas present decoration from a present I received last year. I saved it since it was very pretty and it now decorates the card instead.

And this last one is my favorite. I love, love, love the glitter covered snowflake against the golden doilie. And the pretty die cut, spray inked piece on the background is just simply cute. Hmmm…might save this card for myself…!? Nah, just kidding!!!

Now every year I make myself a goal to start earlier with the card production so that I have more time and can put more effort into them, but for some reason I haven´t managed to reach that goal during the past years. Therefore my cards turn out to be pretty simple. But maybe next year will be different…we will see!

Happy crafting, lovelies!
xxx, Sanna

4 Gedanken zu “Some more Christmas cards – final round

  1. Lots of lovely designs, Sanna! Good for you having your Christmas cards complete! Wonderful, sweet snowmen and I love the gold on your last card!

  2. I reckon, I could almost guarantee next year will be no different….now THERE’S a challenge laid down for you, my friend;) Meanwhile….loving these! Using up all those bits & bobs make MORE than perfect sense….& they work sooo well. My faves are the snowmen. Probably ‘cos there’s not a hope of having a snow man here!!! Unless Tom gets frosty for some reason on Chrissy day!!! Oh, I’d better stop before I start groaning at my own puns….off to get Lucas for the day;)