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Hello lovelies and happy Sunday! I am totally excited about drawing abstract faces at the moment and that is all thanks to Dina Wakley and her Facebook lives during the social distancing time.

So I drew a face again, using her Scribble Sticks and a Stabilo pen. I just love the pigment sticks and drawing and coloring with them. Here is the face I ended up with:

My journal measures only 10,5 cm times 21 cm which makes drawing a face tricky. BUT, this time, compared to the last one, her face form is more oval than square (like last time). And I got shadows in there ;-)! I also finished the face with lots of pigment splatters – that way it looks much softer somehow.

I will definitely keep drawing faces. I enjoy it very much at the moment and like Dina says: the more you make and create helps you find your own style/voice. And that is what I´m aiming for :). Some time in the future, that is. In the meantime I´m just going to have fun and enjoy the process!!!

Who knows, maybe I´ll end up drawing landscapes in the end *laughing*. You know I don´t like landscapes that much, right?

Have a great Sunday, lovelies!
xxx, Sanna


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