Scrap your trash.. – SST tournament 2014, final round

Hello! I am still pinching myself for making it to the final round in the card challenge group of the Supreme Scrap Tournament 2014!!! I therefore have the honour to place this badge onto my blog :). Eeekkkkk!!

Well, and now it is time for the final round..has me a bit nervous already and it even got worse today, as I saw the requirements go online :-o. The final round consist of two steps.

Step 1:
1. Collect at least 10 different materials/objects that you would normally throw in the trash!
So collect stuff that you can’t buy in a store as a craft element/embellishment.
Examples are: labels of clothes, paperclip, aluminium foil, napkin, piece of cloth.

2. Collect a minimum of 2 sheets of scrapbooking paper size (30,4 x 30,4 cm)

3. Posting your choice:
Make a photo of these objects and the sheets that you choose and post them in this thread before Tuesday, March 25, 21.00 CET Monday, March 24, 20.00 CET (on request of one of the finalists)

and this is what I collected together:

1. one patterned paper in pink with little dots on it
2. one patterened paper in creme with golden stripes on it
3. a piece of an old pillow case fabric
4. a brown packaging paper that comes with each Studio Calico kit I get
5. two different perfume packages
6. a piece of white tissue paper from a shoe box
7. a piece of bubble wrap (was a part of packaging I got)
8. paper clips
9. a little golden crown embellishment (from a bra of mine – LOL!!!)
10. corrugated cardboard (a piece from a kit packaging)
11. a piece of paper towel I used for drying/cleaning my acrylic block after stamping
12. a piece of chocolate wrapping gold foil paper
13. a piece of Ingvild Bolme embellishment packaging
14. some white yarn that came with a present packaging
15. the green pieces are plastic parts from a Glue Arts glue glider tape roll

This should be interesting 😉 !!!
xoxo, Sanna

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  1. Well, it is CERTAINLY going to be sommmmmme challenge…I’ll be watching with a great deal of interest!