Remember the lesson – Art Journal 1/4 SWAP

Hi there lovelies! I recently took part in an art journal SWAP of a different kind. We were asked to create a full 8×10 inch art journal page and then cut it in 4 pieces and send those pieces on their way to the SWAP partners.

Here is what I did – a full 8×10 inch art journal sheet with lots of paint and pattern going on on the background. Created with Tattered Angels paints & sprays as well as some acrylic paints from my stash.

In the middle it says: “Love your life”. And the black text in the background goes something like this: “Life is too ironic to fully understand. It takes sadness to know what happiness is. Noise to appreciate silence and absence to value presence. Forget the past, remember the lesson”.

Here are some close-ups:

There are quite a few layers of paint, spray ink, white and black pen, acrylic paint etc. on this piece.

I also fussy cut the heart pieces from a previous projekt leftover piece of paper and added them in the middle to add more interest and dimension to the sheet.

and then finally, this is what I sent to my SWAP partners:

So everyone will receive a different kind of piece with a different random text and bits and pieces of hearts in every single piece. I really liked creating these pieces/this sheet – I hope the recipients will find them ok too. There is a lot of heart put into this sheet :-).

I will be shearing the quarters I receive on my Instagram account as they arrive, so make sure you keep an eye on that. I am already very excited to see what my SWAP partners created!!! This has been so much fun!!! Hope we can do something like this soon again!!!

Have a nice weekend lovelies!!!!
xxx, Sanna

4 Gedanken zu “Remember the lesson – Art Journal 1/4 SWAP

  1. Absolutely fabulous idea…..sort of a shame you had to cut it up. But maybe that’s a greater metaphor about your art piece anyways….life needs be be pulled apart in order to be put back together or something deep and meaningful! Too early in the morning for too much thought here atm. REGARDLESS of above dribble…..LOVE the colours, the touches of white and most of all the hearts. After all. Life is Love, in the end…..& you’ve sent a bit of your heart [aka love] to 4 girls who I’m sure will adore what you have done:):)