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Hello there, today I´m sharing a post which I created for the Off The Rails Scrapbooking blog! Not only do I own lots and lots of washi tape, I also have managed to gather and hoard quite a few boxes full of all kinds of ribbons. I have lace, velvet, organza..you name it! I recently had been using netting (like the one that comes with veggies from the grocery store) on a few cards and I used it as a stencil and thought that this technique would probably also work with ribbons. So I went and tried the idea out:

 I first took a piece of blue plain cardstock (also a color I don´t use that often, so good for this kind of experiments) and placed a wide lace ribbon over the paper and protected the rest of the cardstock with a piece of printing paper. I then sprayed the lace with white ink (Dylusions) and then carefully removed the lace after I was done with spraying.

This is the result. A lovely lace pattern. I then added some ink splatters for additional interest. You know me, I just cannot live without ink splatters :).

Next I placed the wet side of the ribbon over/towards the blue cardstock and used a brayer to press the wet ink onto the paper. This now created a really nice opposite image of the ribbon. You have to be fairly quick as the ink soaks into the ribbon and dries up quite fast.

This is how the finished cardstock piece looks like.

And this is what I made out of that paper. I really like the look of these Christmas cards!

I also made a second piece and used it as a layout background. Now just imagine the possibilities here! You can not only use those ribbons, but also find ways to use up your colored cardstock tones you might otherwise not want to use.

Have fun experimenting!!!

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  1. I was wondering how you stamped the lace… I thought it was monoprinting with a gelli plate… obviously it isn’t, but the effect is really cool. Love this set!

    • 🙂 thanks Cris – just an easy peasy technique with a brayer 🙂

  2. What a fabulous way to use the ribbon, love the technique and the cards u created with it !