Note To Self Art Journal page

Hello everyone and happy Sunday!!! Today I´m again sharing another page from my art journal with you all. I have been playing in it recently quite a lot and enjoing my play time.

There are times when I hardly look at it and then there are days when I could create one page after another. I feel like it´s becoming an emotional outlet to me – on some days there is not much to say and on other days, well, you just want to create in it.

My art journal had pretty much become my emotional diary in a way.

So everything I create in it, has a deeper meaning to me.

And even though I am still testing techniques and materials out in it or wiping residue media into it, it foremost exists for me to put down my feelings. And it´s a good outlet!

So this was today´s page. I´ll be sharing another crazy bold one on next Tuesday, so be sure to stop by to see it!

Happy journaling,
xxx, Sanna


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