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Hello there! Sanna here today to share some storage ideas I´ve incorporated into my scraproom. Before we moved to a house, I used to have my stash and tools in cardboard boxes piled in various corners of our livingroom. It was very frustrating because while scrapping, I very often did not find what I was looking for. I knew I had that particular embellishment/piece of paper, but just could not find it, and then eventually just left it out of my layout/card.

When we started building our house, one of the things I gave lots and lots of thought, was to create an area I could leave my crafting tools out in the open. So I planned very carefully. I have a space upstairs under a sloped roof, so I didn´t have the wall hight for big cabinets. I therefore chose lots of small units (mainly IKEA, because they are cheap and practical).

Most of the furniture is either IKEA or were given to us by our friends and family (tables). I did not spend that much money on the furniture and even reused some old furniture too. The most important thing for me was to have enought table space and area to spread my things and not having to gather it all together every evening.

This is the view of the room as it is now:

Now more about my storage solutions:

I stored the things I use all the time in little shelves and boxes on the wall and on the table. That way I can just grab them when I need them. Then I have two “Alex” drawers (IKEA) under the table and I used to store my inks in there in the beginning. That did not work for me, since I have quite a few inks and use them pretty often. When you pile them over each other into a drawer, you are bound to take them all out to find the right colour and then pile and organize them back into the drawer again later. Very time consuming and unpractical. I now store wooden stamps, minibook covers, dies and embellishments in these drawers instead. That works for my needs much better.

So I then bought a bathroom shelf (IKEA again) and have my inks stored in there now. Now I can just grab the colour I need and use it and place it into the shelf again. Fast & easy, just the way I like it!

I have quite a few very random and various little boxes on my table where I store tags, chipboard, paint brushes and all kinds of little tools and goodies. They are easy to reach and go thru. I find that in my it is the best to keep all these little bits out in the open and within reach. That way they get used. If I store them in boxes and hide them behind cabinet doors, I will not think of them and use them that often. And since I´ve set a goal to use the stash instead of hoarding it, a different solution would be very contraproductive for me.

In the beginning I also used to have  all my media stored on the wall (IKEA – metal kitchen wall baskets), but they were very soon so full that I had to find a new place for all the media. I then bought a Råskog serving wagon (IKEA kitchen dept.) and find it really practical. I have the heavy media stored on the bottom of the wagon, next are paints and glitter glue´s and on top are all the mists. I like the fact that I can pull the wagon next to my working area when I need it and then push it back on it´s place when I´m finished.

I store my flowers in 3 IKEA glas jars and that is more than plenty for my purposes.

 I used to store brads in glas jars too, but that was not at all practical. I now have them in these little plastic boxes, sorted by colour. Much easier to take them out this way than from a jar…

For some reason I have managed to collect a reasonably big amount of wood veneer embellishments (..and..ribbon..*sidenote*). After sorting them into these little boxes it has been much easier to find what I need and to use them.

I store my papers in organizers (from Cropper Hopper) and have them sorted after manufacturer. The cardstock is stored after colour but I find it easier for me to sort the patterned papers by manufacturer.

So these are the kind of solutions that work for me right now. Would be interesting to see what you have come up with. So if you would like to share some ideas, just leave a link to this post. I also have a little video from my scrap room up over at my YouTube channel. I made this one for another blog some time ago, but since I haven´t changed anything in my room, it is still up to date. Have fun watching :)!

xoxo, Sanna

8 Gedanken zu “My storage solutions – Scrap365

  1. Even tho I’ve seen the video, I REALLY enjoyed this post that focused on your storage & also how you’ve changed & adapted it. Errr…..a LITTLE wood??? How that stuff BREEDS!!!!! Love your ink shelf:):)

    • 🙂 🙂 LOL´s getting less, Lizzy..honestly 🙂

  2. Great ideas there Sanna but I don’t know how you remember all the companies that make your embellishments, you have a great memory.

    • 🙂 thanks Sandra 🙂 – easy to remember, when you like something, I think… 🙂

  3. Awesome craft room! loved looking around, and discover that I use some of your storage solutions :).
    Lovely place of your own. enjoy it!

    • thanks so much, Libeeti 🙂 would love to see your space 🙂 xxx, Sanna

  4. Ikea is perfect for many crafters hehehe.
    I have Alex too! Black one. I love these drawers <3 Well, I love drawers so… yes, that was the best solution for me. I want to minimalize my craft space only to this one chest of drawers and I hope I'm on the good way! (Ok, maybe few tins or boxes on the Alex would be acceptable too.) That's my goal before I'll move out!
    What about storing items? No special rule. Smaller medias (ecolines, inka gold, twinkling h2o etc.) and stuff used more often is on higher drawers and bigger/ rarely used products are on the bottom. I even changing 500ml jars of gesso, gel medium etc. to smaller jars so I'm able to store them in Alex.
    Wish me luck with my goal! 😉