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I seem to be suffering from a serious pink addiction recently! This is a start of a color series in pink. I created these three cards using the flower stencil negative image. I just added some ink over the stencil, sprayed some water over it and pressed the stencil randomly onto a piece of watercolor paper to crate this background. A little ink goes a long way as you can respray with water several times. The first image will be darker and stronger in colour and the next ones will result on a lighter, pastellic image. I just love playing with these stencils and creating backgrounds for cards and other projects. Obviously, you can choose any color, does not have to be pink, like on my cards *laughing*. Hope you like the idea!
Other than that I just used different stamp images with different stamp ink colour to create decorational elements for the cards.
I also added some chipboard images as additional decoration elements to the cards and covered them with glitter glue.

Hei taas! Tässäpä muutama kortti, jotka tein alla mainittuja 3rd Eye-tuotteita käyttäen. Leimailin eri värisillä musteilla, lisäsin kimalleliimaa chipboard-kuvioiden päälle ja käytin sabluunan negatiivikuviota veden ja musteen kanssa taustan tekoon. Kuten varmaan huomasitte, pinkki on tämänhetkinen suosikkivärini 😉 …

Hallo! Hier sind ein paar Karten, die ich mit den unten genannten 3rd Eye Produkten gestaltet habe. Ich habe mit verschiedenen Stempelfarben gestempelt, die Chipboard-Teile mit Glitterkleber dekoriert und den Hintergrund mit einer Schablone und etwas Stempelfarbe und Wasser gestaltet. Wie man sieht, finde ich die Farbe Pink momentan sehr schön :)…

Happy crafting!
xoxo, Sanna

Used products:
TEC-030 mini chevron - zygzag TEM001 flowers - kwiaty stempel TES-193 oh boy set stempel TES-187 circus' roof stempel TES-192 best day set  TEC-033 note circles set

4 Gedanken zu “More pink cards – 3rd Eye Craft

  1. What an awesome and quick way to add color to a background! Beautiful cards! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!

  2. Fabulous idea! I’m deffo going to try that one…..might do it like on Sunday *winks*….I REALLY like the effect – & these are fab, original cards. I gotta start making some cards….real soon:):)