Monochromatic card

Hi there! This is my take on the second card challenge at the Supreme Scrap Tournament. Our task this time was to make a monochromatic 3D card. Other than that we were allowed to choose any theme we wantend to. Using a cutting maschine was not allowed so all cutting had to be done by hand.

Here is my take on the challenge:

and some details:

So what did I do? First I chose my colour which is “creme/buttery yellow”. Then I took some stamps and embossing powder, stamped and embossed the background, the banner, the leaves and the rose. For the banner I used cardstock and adhered it with 3D foam to the card base. The rose and the leaves is stamped and embossed on vellum, then hand cut with scissors and after that adhered with 3D foam. I additionally chose some chipbaord butterflies, applied some embossing powder over them and heated it to make them match the colour scheme. Next I applied some liquid pearls here and there for addtional details and my card was all done. I never make monochromatic cards, so this was a VERY big challenge for me.

Happy stamping,
xoxo, Sanna

Used products:
listek stempel TES-026S leaf small  mała róża stempel - TES-020S rose small róża stempel cieniowany - TES-020 rose stokrotka TES-203 daisy Stempel - Stencil Versamark Wasserzeichenstempelkissen Chipboard papillon

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  1. Love the 3D effect you’ve got going here….such a light, bright pretty colour scheme too….NOOOT an easy challenge. At. All.!!!!