Mixed media tin – Paperilla-lehti

 Hello lovelies, it is my turn today to share a project at the Paperilla blog. This time I tuned an empty metal coffee tin into a pink flower dream :). I´ve also prepared a video for you. Hope you enjoy!!!

..and here are some detail photos:

You could fill the tin with candy or cookies or something else lovely and take it with you as a little present for a family member or a friend.

Happy crafting!!!
xoxo, Sanna

6 Gedanken zu “Mixed media tin – Paperilla-lehti

  1. Gorgeous! Makes a beautiful present in itself or to hold something. Love the flower and pom-poms!

  2. Absolutely GORGEOUS! LOVE the colors and the details and the glittery flowers! The pom poms are FAB! This WOULD be a great gift!

  3. Wow! You certainly WERE serious when you said pink! This is gorgeous….loooove that big flower cluster. I swear there is some weird connection between us – I’ve just upcycled a tin for my Bostik post for next month…..& before I saw this, too!!! Weird….BUT MINE IS NOT PINK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!