Dani Peuss order(s) from July

Hello everyone! I just thought I´ d drop by to share two short videos with you on my latest shopping spree at www.danipeuss.de :). Enjoy!

First I got myself 3 sets of stamp storage sleeves – they perfectly fit the Klartext stamps in regular size and as I have plenty of those stamps, I wanted to orgazine them nicely into these sleeves:

Next here is a peek of the Sticker surprise bag there is up for grabs at the website. I just love adding tiny details to my layouts and albums and stickers always work for me. So I got myself a mystery grab bag of those:

annndd…last but not least here are some more goods I bought myself to combine with some kits and create projects with:

So plenty of yummy goodies to play with very soon! Cannot wait to finish this Simple Stories album and test out the stamps and inks! Thanks for watching!!

xxx, Sanna


Happy mail from Australia

Hello everyone and happy Easter Monday! I recently received a set of mixed media art print papers from Yuna in Australia. She has been watching my videos on YouTube (daily art practices) and she contacted me to ask me, if she could send me some happy mail!

I first thought she had misteken my location to Australia instead of Austria. But that wasn´ t the case. She wanted to send me some of her art work prints to play with all the way to Europe! And here they are:

That is so very, very kind of Yuna! I cannot wait to play with them and add them to my art journal!! I will make sure to share on my YT channel, when I incorporate these pieces, too! Thank you so much Yuna, that is so very kind of you to send me your work as prints! They are just lovely!!! I cannot wait to play with them!

Thanks again so much,
xxx, Sanna

DP Dezember 2021 Scrapbooking kit & news flash

Hallo ihr Lieben (for English, please scroll down)! Seit ewigen Zeiten schreibe ich hier wieder mal auf Deutsch… das gab es ja schon mal vor Jahren, wo ich noch auf Deutsch, English und auf Finnish gebloggt hatte. Lang ist es her !! Jetzt gibt es tolle Neuigkeiten zu erzählen, die, wie ich finde, auf Deusch erzählt gehören :). Also hoffe ich, ihr werdet es mir nicht übel nehmen, wenn ich hier mit meinem Finnisch-Österreichisch-Deutsch euch schreibe :-D. Ignoriert bitte auch die Artikelfehler (und alle anderen Grammatikfehler auch gleich bitte!), die ich sicherlich fließend machen werde ;-). Also, dann zu den Neuigkeiten:

Die Verlinkungen zu den jeweiligen Insta-Konten findet ihr im Originalpost HIER!! Schaut vorbei und folgt das Team und Dani Peuss 🙂

Ich habe im Sommer (am Strand von Griechenland) gesehen, dass Dani Peuss ein Design Team call eröffnet hat und habe mir gedacht: “Ach, was solls, ich probiere es einfach” und hab mich dann getraut.

Da hab ich mich dann einfach hingesetzt und die Bewerbung am Handy geschrieben. Normalerweise ist es mir lieber am Rechner diverse Schreibarbeiten zu erledigen, nur war ich jetzt nicht zuhause und nicht bei meinem Rechner… Irgendwie hab ich es dann auch zusammengebracht meine Daten zusammenzustellen und die Bewerbung zu senden.

Die liebe Dani hat das Email leider dann auch mehrfach erhalten – das versenden war mit der Anbindung nicht ganz so einfach 😉 – und trotzdem hat sie darüber hinweg geschaut und ich habe es tatsächlich zum “Recall” geschafft. Und jetzt steht es da – ich bin ein Teil dieses Teams! Und freu mich, wie verrückt! Denn ich bin schon E-W-I-G ein Fan von Klartext-Stempel <3.

Das erste Dt/Monats-Kit ist Mitte letzte Woche bei mir angekommen und ich werde euch in den nächsten Tagen meine Werke, die ich mit dem Kit gestaltet habe, zeigen. Aber für den Anfang habe ich ein kleines Video über das Dezember-Kit aufgenommen und fange mal damit an. Viel Spass beim Schauen und bis bald!!


Hello lovelies! I have some special news to share and since it is a German company, I did something I haven´ t done here for AGES. I wrote the intro in German first. So what are the news then – here goes:

In summer, while on vacay in Greece, I noticed a DT call go up for a German online store, who´ s stamp line I have been a big fan of, for, like FOREVER. I typed my application on my mobile phone at the beach (lol!) and ended up sending it thru at least 3 times, due to a bad connection. Nevertheless me bombarding the store owners mailbox, she went thru my application and I made it to the “recall”. After making sample works and after plenty of excited waiting I received the news that I had made the team. I might have just squealed a little when I received the mail :-D.

It is now official and I got some happy mail mid last week to play with. I will be sharing work done with their December Scrapbooking kit very soon, but for starters I put the “unboxing”/flip-thu kit video up. Hope you enjoy!! There will be more Dani Peuss store related posts to follow on regular basis. Hope you enjoy!! Also, chech out the Dani Peuss Insta post to see who are my teamies (link can be found unter the pic).

Have a fabulous day!
xxx, Sanna

Supplies/Kit content (I added direct product links for peeps outside of Europe, just in case) :

#finishedinfeb Challenge – product pack reveal

Hello everyone and happy Thursday! Today I´m quickly sharing one of my February projects that I´m planning on doing: the #finishedinfeb challenge, organized/started by Donna.

And since February is just around the corner, I have gathered some older product together that I bought ages ago, but never used so far! Believe me, there are very many options in my stash still, but I randomly just grabbed this pile.

As I don´t own that many UFO´s (unfinished objects), I chose the way of using product that has been waiting for it´s purpose too long. This is my crazy pile. Really random product from stickers to tags to stamp set and papers. I´m challenging myself to use the product in the photo above to create card(s). Let´s see how many I manage to make, but I´ll make at least one :). Feel free to join too! Just tag Donna when you create something yourself, so she can see you joined in. This is just for inspiration, everyone, no strings attached or prizes to be won. Just for the fun of it! And to get UFOS done and/or reducing that stash of ours. I look forward to this!

I might add a bit of media to a card or two, because that is how I roll, but I try to keep to the products shown above. I´ll be sharing the card(s) here as they get done and do a final post end of February to share all the results from this challenge. Wish me luck!

Oh, and since I´m sharing my plans. I also decided to join in on the #100dayproject for the first time this year. Starting day is the 31st of January and I´ll be drawing a face on a tag. One tag a day for 100 days. Let´s see how long that will work out – but I´m very motivated. I´m also eager to see how I develop during the hundred days. Should be lot´s of fun. I´ve pre-cut and pre-prepared 100 tags with a layer of paint/spray inks/other media and will only concentrate on doing the 1 drawing a day. I´m am not a talented drawer, so I´ll do abstract, simple faces foremost. If you want to see my development, follow my Instagram account here. See you!

That´s all for today – looking forward to interesting February and 100 days :).
Take care!
xxx, Sanna

Top 9 of 2020

Hello and happy Wednesday! Today I´m stopping by to share my Instagram top nine projects with you.

So these were the 9 artworks you like the most. One layout and lots of mixed media projects! It´s been quite a year. It started with me wripping my cruciate on 1st of January 2020. A good start for a year, eh?

Just adding a few of my other artworks from 2020 in between the lines 😉

Then along came Covid-19 and the rest is history. Lockdowns, isolation, washing hands until the first layer of skin wore off. Being worried about getting sick, or even worse, infecting someone else. And this still is going on. As I write this, we have just started our third lockdown here in Austria. We´ve been tested once so far, all negative. And in a few weeks there will be another testing round, otherwise we cannot go shopping, but need to do an extra week of isolation. There´s been so many regulations, changes and adjusting required, that I am slowly loosing the grip of what is ok and what not. Also, I feel really bad for my children, they have lost a whole year of their youth. No friends, no spending time together and almost no school AT SCHOOL. And this year my younger one is supposed to graduate gymnasium. I wonder how that is supposed to work out. Makes me angry that they´ve lost so much, in teaching, in social contacts and in life at an important age.

Well, enough of that. So you seem to like my mixed media. I love it too. But I just cannot deside what is my true passion. Sometimes I do CAS, then another time I go crazy with mixed media, then I do die cutting and just fussy cutting paper. And it all feels good at that particular time. But it seems, that you like to see me do more mixed media? So I´ll try and concentrate on one more direction next year, I guess. Just to develop more in one area, I think.

So have you given any thought to your OLW for 2021 yet? I recently took a fun “survey” and that gave me 4 words to think about: money, change, health and strenght. I think somewhere there is going to be my new word 2021. This year my word was self-care. How suitable, eh? Or on the other hand, how ironic? Anyhow fits 2020 very well. Little did I know of it´s deeper meaning when I picked it for 2020.

Just one more day and it´s 2021! I really, really hope it will be a better one. I miss my people, and I am not even an extrovert. But isolating oneself for such a long time does no good to ones soul. Here is Austria they started with the vaccination during Christmas holidays. The first handful of people got it. It might take until summer, till we are due for it, but it just might be our only way to a relatively normal life again. And I miss normal life!

I wish you all lots of health and endurance for the next weeks and moths. Here´s to hoping we will soon reach a more normal way of life. This year, since March, has felt like the movie “Goundhog Day”. I cannot wait it to end..

Have a great New Years Eve! I´m spending it with my husband – at home (surprise, surprise?! ;-)… ). Like any other day this year too. But let´s make it a nice one, against all odds. See you on the other side!

xxx, Sanna